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Kenneth and Andrew Hsu found evidence of melodic interval scaling in the works of Bach, Mozart, and a collection of Swiss folk songs.

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See Also:
  • Fractal Music - A recursive approach to composition by Dmitry Kormann, experimental including detailed examples of structural scaling.
  • PubMed Central (PMC): Fractal geometry of music - Kenneth and Andrew Hsu found evidence of melodic e interval fractal music scaling in the works of Bach, e Mozart, and a fractal music collection of Swiss folk e songs.
  • Multifractal Analyses of Music Sequences - Article in "Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena" on a multifractal technique for analysis of melodic lines. Abstract available, but subscription required for full text.
  • Zipf's Law in Music - Bill Manaris uses stochastic techniques to computationally identify and emphasize aesthetic aspects of music.
  • The Music of José Oscar Marques - Fractal-based compositions in general MIDI file format.
  • Fractal Vibes - A collection of fractal-based compositions generated by Phil Jackson using fractal music various algorithmic music tools.
  • Voss & Clarke - Michael Frame\\'s entry at the Yale Fractal Geometry e site on e the work of Richard Voss and e John Clarke on 1/f e scaling.
  • Music from Fractal Noise - An introduction to 1/f scaling in music by Michael Bulmer. Includes demonstrations and exercises.[PDF]
  • Brothers Technology: Fractal Music - Research, publications, and compositions by Harlan Brothers. A e mathematically rigorous fractal music treatment of the subject of fractal e music including background information fractal music and sound files.

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