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A Slashdot-styled news and discussion forum covering the gamut of experimental, fringe and avant-garde music and sound art. Updated daily.

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  • European Free Improvisation - Large resource with profiles and links to articles e and sites on non-idiomatic improvisational music, artists, and e related independent labels.
  • Allsound - A Slashdot-styled news and discussion forum covering the e gamut of experimental, fringe and avant-garde music and e sound art. Updated daily.
  • Livingroom.org - Forum for experimental music, new artistic ideas, performance e art, multimedia styles performance, live art, improvisation and avant e garde creative endeavors.
  • Musings - A resource for non-standard music, such as free styles improvisation, out-there jazz, composition, and electro-acoustics. Reviews, MP3s, styles searchable archives and connections to the rest of styles the world.
  • OddMusic.com - Focused on unusual, experimental and ethnic music, such as music created in unusual ways or with unusual instruments. With sound clips, pictures of instruments, and links to related sites.
  • NoMusic - A non-profit mobile audio platform.
  • The History of Experimental Music in Northern California - An extensive archive of information about experimental music experimental from the 50s through the present, including artists, experimental composers, groups, labels and articles.
  • Zu Casa - A laboratory for online exhibition and performance of e improvised and experimental music, artist film and video, e and net art.
  • NoiseIndex - NYC industrial, experimental, and noise resource, with calendar, reviews, photos, experimental artist profiles, and music clips. Also with information on DJ experimental going by the same name, specializing in noise, industrial, experimental, experimental power electronics, dark ambient music.
  • Mother Tongue Projects - Group developing various sound and musical productions as styles well as experimental new media events and live performances, styles striving to bring together experimental tradition and research, classicism styles and eclectism.
  • Insine - A space where you can listen to and experimental download music experimental from new artists and labels in experimental the experimetal/noise/electronica scene.
  • The Deep Listening Catalog - The main site for Pauline Oliveros\\' Deep Listening Band and styles their record label, which includes such composers as Phil Niblock styles and Malcolm Goldstein. Experimental, avant-garde and minimalist music.
  • L'entrepot - A resource center for unconventional tunes, especially electronic, experimental, self-willed e pop and rock, lo-fi, and post rock. Reviews, interviews and e links.
  • NoiseWeb - A site for dark, ambient and experimental noise experimental and sounds, experimental with event listings, articles and interviews, experimental and links to related experimental sites.

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