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Encodes text files into spoken audio files. Able to convert several files at a time when invoked from a command line.

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  • PDMarq - Record shows from any radio, capture streaming Internet software audio. Schedule software recordings, edit audio files.
  • Audio Tags Editor - Audio tag editing tool with automation and FreeDB utilities support
  • Net Burner - Combines MP3s and a playback program into an music and audio applet file to burn to CD. Applet can music and audio be uploaded to website for others to make music and audio CDs.
  • Mess Music - Offers Drum Fix, a tool designed to rescue software poorly recorded live drum tracks.
  • Total Recorder - Tool to capture sound being played by other music and audio utilities sound players, either from a file, from the music and audio utilities Internet, audio CD, or microphone.
  • Audio-i - Converter, editor, burner, ripper.
  • Dart Pro 24 - Audio tools for maximizing sound quality with eight utilities restoration functions.
  • Spin It Again - Records, cleans and transfers vinyl LPs and cassette tapes to software CD or MP3 files.
  • CD Wave - CD-R mastering from LPs, tapes, or CDs. Removes utilities clicks and pops between tracks, handles CUE sheets.
  • DiscoLitez - Winamp plugin making it possible to connect lighting equipment to utilities your computer for light shows and DJing.
  • BBC Radio Ripper - Rips music from the BBC and converts RM/RA/RMJ/RAM/RMVB utilities format to MP3.
  • Sound Snooper - Sound activated recording software. Records all sound near computer with music and audio a sound card.
  • StepVoice Recorder - Audio recorder and player with MP3 support.
  • Perfect Sound Recorder - Sound recorder software that can capture audio playing music and audio utilities in other applications.
  • Ultra Tag Editor - Organize music file collections, properly label each file and get assistance in preparing mp3 and ogg files for subsequent CD burning.
  • Muscle Fish LLC - Software provider and consulting company providing a variety of technologies utilities for audio and music analysis and retrieval.
  • RMVB Codec - Free RMVB codec and RMVB converter, helps users play and software convert RMVB videos to other formats.
  • PSIDC64 Sourceforge - Generate a Commodore 64 self extracting executable from a PSID music and audio music file.
  • AFDeClick - Removes clicks from WAV files of vinyl recordings
  • TextSound - Encodes text files into spoken audio files. Able music and audio to convert several files at a time when music and audio invoked from a command line.
  • Roemer Software - Develops music and audio recording and conversion software.
  • RightMark Audio Analyzer - Audio benchmarking project. Freeware RMAA program. Benchmark of software consumer and music and audio professional sound cards.
  • Ultimate Sound Recorder - Professionally records your audio, makes correct length files music and audio for CD burning, cassette recording, MP3/Ogg Vorbis.
  • IndieVolume - Allows Windows applications to have totally separate volume, balance and mute settings.
  • Diamond Cut Productions - Noise reduction, audio enhancement, CD making, and audio utilities restoration software.
  • Echoview - Pro music calculating tools for musicians, composers, producers utilities and sound utilities engineers.
  • QSound Labs, Inc. - Products to provide 3D audio, virtual surround sound, MP3 and Internet audio.
  • Audio Mid Recorder - For WMA, RM, OGG, CD, DVD, MOV, GAME, utilities FLASH, streaming software audio, microphone, tape, video tape,PS2, Xbox.
  • MicroLuck Software - Offers EasyRecorder, captures any sound your sound card plays and software saves to WAV or MP3.
  • Tau Analyzer - Determines the authenticity of musical CDs, using the character of audiodata contained, and predicts its possible source.
  • Sound Genetics - Sound enhancement software that reconstructs sound lost during software compression in software formats such as MP3.
  • SoniClear - Recorder includes signal processing to enhance audio, export to MP3 option.
  • MBL4 - Four band audio processor for final limiting in music and audio software music mastering. Internet streaming version also.
  • Bristol Clock - Online Speaking or Chiming Clock with timer and utilities cusomizable clock music and audio face options. Speaking Clock uses 30 utilities to 45Kb per use.
  • Mp3 Tag Assistant - Batch editing, UNICODE support, generate playlists (M3U, PLS) software and file music and audio lists (CSV, TXT, and XML).
  • MP3 Tag Editor - Edit data tags in audio files of different format.
  • AnalogFX - Cleans sound from analog audio, using Dolby compatible music and audio noise reduction and filters to improve sound quality. music and audio Can also simulate a vinyl disc.
  • Har-Bal - Harmonic equalization program that does mastering tasks.
  • Huelix Audio Recorder - Record audio from your PC audio hardware in MP3, WMA, music and audio OGG, and WAV formats.
  • PSID CBM - Convert PSID music files to an executable that plays on utilities CBM computers or emulators.

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