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  • jOggPlayer - Gui Enhanced Vorbis Ogg Player. Freeware.
  • JavaTuner - Tunings and temperaments. Demo applet.
  • Frinika - Cross-platform music studio software written in Java. Includes software sequencer, software software synths and realtime effects.
  • FreeTTS Speech Synthesizer - Written in Java, based upon Flite 1.1: a run-time speech synthesis engine from Carnegie Mellon. Open source, BSD.
  • Neuralsemantics Modulator Jane - Applet uses standard AU sound files to modulate graphics on web page. Also offers Neurosonic e-Guitar.
  • JFugue - API for specifying music using simple strings and software easily transforming java patterns of music.
  • FreeMusicPlayer - Part Java part native, supports MP3, WAV, Ogg, software and playlists. java Windows 2000/XP.
  • JavaZoom - Java MP3 Player supports WAV, AU, AIFF, Ogg software Vorbis also.
  • RPitch - Relative pitch ear training to recognize intervals. java Freeware.
  • - Music and synthesis software API, including JSyn and music and audio software JavaSonics ListenUp.

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