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Official site for the sonic explorations and collaborative projects of the San Francisco, California-based multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, experimental electronic musician, collaborator and recording studio owner.

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See Also:
  • Noisembryo: Noisicians - A list of noise artists from Japan and elsewhere in bands and artists the world, with collected reviews and links.
  • Died Like Flies - Official website for the Serial Noize Death-Industrial band noise from Italy.
  • Kakawaka - Includes audio and video clips and information about experimental solo releases.
  • - Experimental noise made with a DOS program called bands and artists noise 'trakker.' Also MP3s and photos of planted CDs.
  • Ungeromimizu - Norwegian noise project based in Bergen. With background, experimental release information, experimental MP3s, artwork, and links.
  • Xome - Official site for the harsh noise project. With experimental sounds, images, bands and artists event listing, and release information.
  • Pachinko Studio - Minimalist noise, sub-sonic tones, and extreme frequencies. Sound noise files, press bands and artists releases, and a message board.
  • Belarusian Noise - Net home of a few noise projects from experimental Belarus, featuring experimental MP3s.
  • - Neoplasm soundscapes, MP3s, ordering information.
  • Assacre - Austin, Texas noise one-piece. News, show dates, MP3s, noise merchandise, photos, noise and contact information.
  • Free Sound Collective - As the name suggests, free mp3 downloads to noise be circulated experimental in the public domain.
  • Kilbacca - Official news, history, discography and other information on these experimental noise artists.
  • Imminent - Official site about the Belgian ambient-techno-industrial project. experimental Includes news, noise show dates, reviews, audio samples, and experimental images.
  • P.A.L. - Official project site, with release information and links experimental to recommended bands and artists sites.
  • D-503 - Experimental/atmospheric noise artist, using computer-generated and appropriated sounds. noise With reviews experimental and MP3s.
  • Cementimental - Experimental noise artist with audio downloads, news, information experimental on circuit bands and artists bent gear, and links.
  • Dimuzio, Thomas / Gench Music - Official site for the sonic explorations and collaborative experimental projects of the San Francisco, California-based multi-instrumentalist, sound experimental designer, experimental electronic musician, collaborator and recording studio experimental owner.
  • Tote Stadt - Tote Stadt is an industrial/noise project and live experimental touring unit currently based out of Buffalo, NY.
  • Violent Stabbing Motion - A harsh noise and "abusive soundscape" project from the UK. experimental With background, release information, and a collection of disturbing photographs experimental and artwork.
  • Whitehouse - Unofficial site of the pioneering British noise group. Includes the latest news, discography, archive material, interviews, and mail-order information.
  • The World of Kiew - This site is dedicated to the electronic Power Noise German group Kiew.
  • Stimbox - A harsh noise recording/performing project based in San Francisco, California. bands and artists Featuring discography, interviews, merchandise, reviews, and recommended links.
  • Hutchins, Celeste - Noise artist\\'s pages on With general information, bands and artists bands and artists songs for download and listening, and links.
  • 2nd Gen - Official site for this recording artist, with biography, experimental discography, MP3s, videos and pictures.
  • Vats of Blood - General information and show dates for the Seattle, experimental Washington-based hardcore/metal/noise/screamo band.
  • Yau, Randy H.Y. - The official site of the conceptual sound artist bands and artists who has been active in the sonic arts bands and artists since 1993. He has produced multiple solo and bands and artists compilation audio works.
  • Exclipsect - A San Francisco based solo power noise project. experimental With news, noise background, links to media files and experimental other recommended sites.
  • Can A' Worms TV - Streaming industrial experimental noise videos.
  • Photon Ghoul - An experimental/noise audio project. With downloadable songs.

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