Jones, Quincy Delight, Jr. Composers Jazz Styles

Biography from the composer and arranger's music publishing company site includes photo, early life, notable film and television work, Grammy awards and honorary doctorates.

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  • Quincy Jones - Biography from the composer and arranger\\'s music publishing company site jones, quincy delight, jr. includes photo, early life, notable film and television work, Grammy jones, quincy delight, jr. awards and honorary doctorates.
  • Music.IGN : Quincy Jones And Bill Cosby - 2004 story tells of the rediscovery of Q\\'s music for jones, quincy delight, jr. Cosby\\'s first TV season in 1969, including two versions of jones, quincy delight, jr. the theme, "Hikky-Burr." Personnel, shopping links.

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