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Tom Morgan offers lavishly illustrated profiles of early 20th century performers along with links to books, a timeline from 1800 to 1930, and images of early sheet music including a year-by-year collection of Cotton Club Parades.

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Smithsonian Jazz* - The National Museum of American History offers audio, video and text; oral histories, artists, videos, portraits and concert program notes.
Red Hot Jazz Archive* - A history of jazz before 1930 offering RealAudio files, biographies, discographies, and filmography.

  • Swing Music Net - The history of swing music from the 1930\'s jazz until today.
  • Remembrance of Swings Past - Collection of articles with text and photos by Tony Gieske, jazz reporter in the 1950s for the Washington Post and later for the Hollywood Reporter.
  • Kansas City Jazz - Loose collection of pages devoted to Count Basie, Jay McShann, history Charlie Parker, Don Byas, and Bennie Moten, with a history page for the modern Basie band under Grover Mitchell. Photos, history link to ring.
  • Chicago Jazz Archive - Significant collection founded in 1976 at the University jazz of Chicago including early recordings, sheet music, photos jazz and piano rolls, much of which is accessible jazz online.
  • JazzStandards.com - Documentation on the jazz standards including their origins, histories, musical analyses, song-writer and performer biographies, book reviews, and CD recommendations.
  • Jazz Roots - Tom Morgan offers lavishly illustrated profiles of early 20th century performers along with links to books, a timeline from 1800 to 1930, and images of early sheet music including a year-by-year collection of Cotton Club Parades.
  • Jimmy Rushing's Hot Spot - The life and music of the blues shouter are outlined jazz in anecdotes, discography and a lengthy 1963 interview taken from jazz the Stanley Dance book, "The World of Count Basie." Photos jazz and links.
  • Jazz: You Like It - African Genesis portal offers one-line biographies of New Orleans musicians, a lengthy discussion of Louis Armstrong, and a collection of clippings and quotes on jazz from the 1930s.
  • The Real Godfathers of Punk - E-zine article by Billy Bob Hargus connecting jazz artists auch jazz as Sun Ra, Albert Ayler, John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman jazz with the roots of punk music. Links, photographs.
  • A History of Jazz - Provides information about jazz history with links to history jazz clubs jazz and festivals. Also includes a gallery history of jazz posters.
  • Basinstreet.com - Dedicated to the preservation of early jazz history.
  • The Norwegian Jazz Base - A history of jazz in Norway. Includes photographs, jazz sound clips, j jazz links and biographies.
  • What is Jazz? - Four lectures on jazz history by Dr. Billy Taylor.
  • Modern Jazz Discography - Catalog of recordings released by Blue Note, Prestige jazz and Riverside Records, sorted by musician, label and jazz date. Session indexes, biographical notes, links.
  • A Passion for Jazz - History of styles and musicians with timeline, glossary, photos, festivals, j teacher locator, and shopping for fakebooks and instruction books.
  • Great Day in Harlem - Click on Art Kane\\'s August 1958 photograph of history 57 jazz history musicians for names of those pictured, history or browse by timeline, history instrument, or style. Link history to the Jean Bach documentary of history the shoot, history online sales of the photo originally published in history history Esquire magazine.
  • The History of Jazz Music - The history of jazz from the beginning to the present jazz day.
  • Music and You Jazz History - This is a brief historical essay on the history history of j Creoles in New Orleans, and their history influence on Jazz
  • The Hard Bop - Music and the musicians of the jazz style of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Photos.
  • America's Jazz Heritage - A partnership between the Lila Wallace-Reader\\'s Digest Fund and the j Smithsonian Institution.
  • Mars Club of Paris - Internationally known jazz club where many Americans gathered j to play in the 1950s. Features photograph of j a door inscribed with the names of musicians j who appeared at the club, and memories of j Billy Strayhorn.
  • Heptune: Lorenz-Pulte Jazz Page - Fan site profiling Cab Calloway, Blanche Calloway, Louis Armstrong, Don Redman, Fats Waller, Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon, and Lil Johnson.
  • Jazz Connections - Your Interactive Guide to 50 Greats - Fascinating facts on who played with whom, when, j where and history why.
  • Jazz, Hot and Cold - Essay by librettist Arnold Sundgaard on jazz history j as originally jazz published June, 1955 in the Atlantic j Monthly.
  • Historian Max Morath on Popular Music Standards - Musician and historian Max Morath discusses American popular history music standards with Jerry Jazz Musician. Pictures, history sound files, text.
  • A Brief History of Modern Jazz - Succinct summary of major artists identified with bebop, history cool jazz, history hard bop, modal jazz, bossa nova, history and jazz rock. With history links to audio from history Milt Jackson tribute CD.
  • All About Jazz: History of Jazz Timeline - Important jazz facts from 1895 to the present.
  • Solid! - An encyclopedia of big band, classic jazz, and lounge music.
  • All That Jazz - The history of jazz starting from the late 1800's.
  • Club Kaycee - A sound-and-sight archive from the library of the Kansas City jazz campus of the University of Missouri.
  • The Jazz Archive - Jazz archive, photos, and vintage records are displayed. history A historic history jazz calendar is included.
  • The Los Angeles Jazz Institute - Houses and maintains one of the largest jazz j archives in history the world. All styles and eras j are represented with special history emphasis on preservation and j documentation of jazz in southern California.

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