Rebetiko Regional and Ethnic Styles Music

Offers a history of the music, with a discussion forum (in Greek only), a timeline from 1890 to the present, a collection of articles, and details of an enthusiasts club. [Greek and English]

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See Also:
  • The Rembetiko Forum - Offers a history of the music, with a r discussion forum regional and ethnic (in Greek only), a timeline from r 1890 to the present, regional and ethnic a collection of articles, r and details of an enthusiasts club. regional and ethnic [Greek r and English]
  • Rebetika - A collection of resources on rebetika in the r period before WWII; includes substantial sections on Markos r Vamvakaris and Spyros Peristeris, with a biographical encyclopedia r of other performers.
  • Hydra Rebetika Conference - First annual conference on Greek rebetika music. Includes rebetiko a listing of papers, contact information, and bibliographic rebetiko information on rebetika.
  • Rebetiko - A Wikipedia article traces the origins of the style, with a listing of key performers, typical instruments used, and external links.
  • Rembetika and Greek Popular Music - An introduction to Rembetika music, illustrated with photos rebetiko and sound samples.
  • Doctor Dark's Rebetiko Notes - An introduction to Rebetiko, with hints for learners, rebetiko discography, description rebetiko of the instruments, and links.
  • Ed Emery's Rebetika Website - Articles, resources and links for this music style. Includes details of an annual conference on the island of Hydra.
  • Rembetika, the Greek Urban Folk Music of the Early 20th Century. - A history, with CD reviews, bibliography, and a discussion of regional and ethnic the music's original roots.
  • The Rebetika - A history, illustrated with photos and audio samples.
  • Chicago Pete's Rebetiko Row - Review of this music style, including biographies and a synoptic regional and ethnic history of the genre.

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