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This was formerly known as the FAQ (frequently asked questions) for the rec.music.arabic newsgroup. Good introductory information to Arabic music.

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Al Mashriq - the Levant - Lebanon and the Middle East* - Extensive information about the culture of Lebanon and the Middle East, including a section on Arabic music.

  • Middle Eastern Music: Translated Song Lyrics - English translations of the lyrics of 40 popular middle eastern Arabic, r Turkish, Greek, Armenian, and Hebrew songs. Some middle eastern are accompanied r by RealAudio clips.
  • Turkish Progressive Music Musicians - Directory of progressive Turkish rock bands in the regional and ethnic r 1970s.
  • The Arabic Music Page - This was formerly known as the FAQ (frequently middle eastern asked r questions) for the rec.music.arabic newsgroup. Good introductory middle eastern information to r Arabic music.
  • Quick and Dirty Guide to the Doumbek - Written guide on how to play Middle Eastern r rhythms on Egyptian percussion instruments.
  • Jas's-- Middle Eastern Rhythms FAQ - ASCII text renditions of Arab-style doumbek rhythms with MIDI examples of some.
  • Arabic Maqam World - Includes information, notation, and RealAudio samples of a regional and ethnic r couple dozen Arabic musical modes.
  • RomanySaad.com - Features Arabic MP3s and streaming radio, song lyrics middle eastern translated into English, and artist pages for Amr middle eastern Diab, Abd al-Halim Hafiz, and Kazemel Saher.
  • Bisher Rihani - Featuring links to songs and music resources, sites on Arabic r culture and entertainment, live TV, radio and newspapers. With MP3s, r RealAudio and MIDIs.
  • The Egyptian Castle - A site focused on Egyptian culture. The music regional and ethnic area offers MIDI and RealAudio files, and information regional and ethnic about leading artists. Also business, travel, live radio, regional and ethnic live TV, shopping, and history.

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