Middle Eastern Regional and Ethnic Specialty Labels

Promotes a new breed of music from the Moroccan underground dance scene, combining influences from genres such as Rai, Gnawa, dub, house, ambient, and various other music styles.

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See Also:
  • Golden Horn Productions - A California-based label promoting Turkish, Greek, and Indian regional and ethnic specialty music artists, including Deepak Ram, Ilhan Ersahin, and regional and ethnic specialty Murat Aydemir. Includes news and show information.
  • Barraka el Farnatshi Productions - Promotes a new breed of music from the specialty Moroccan underground middle eastern dance scene, combining influences from genres specialty such as Rai, Gnawa, middle eastern dub, house, ambient, and specialty various other music styles.
  • Kalan Müzik - Featuring releases of Turkish classical, folk, protest, and middle eastern sufi music. Site has complete catalog and middle eastern store, with sound samples from most releases and middle eastern some artist information. In English and Turkish.
  • 7/8 Music Productions - Specializes in Near Eastern music. Includes concert regional and ethnic regional and ethnic listings, online ordering, information on instruments, and playlists regional and ethnic regional and ethnic for the KPFA world music show.
  • Primary Music - An Israeli label dealing mainly with World Music. specialty Features artists regional and ethnic like SuZy , Khalas, and Essev specialty Bar.
  • Traditional Crossroads - Classic reissues of music from the Middle East specialty and the specialty rest of the world, particularly from specialty the 20s through the specialty 50s. Includes RealAudio samples.

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