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Provides a detailed and accurate source of information on the Japanese instruments and related goods of ensemble taiko, or kumidaiko

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See Also:
  • Northern California Koyasan Temple - Primarily a children\\'s group but now opened up to adults. r Classes, drum building and public performances in the Sacramento r CA area.
  • Taiko Drums From A Small Planet - Information site about the Minnesota based dance and regional and ethnic drum group Sanseiyonseikai. Audio clips, biographical data regional and ethnic and links.
  • San Jose Taiko - Professional performing group located in San Jose CA. News, audio clips, merchandise, classes and group news.
  • Taiko Oz - Professional Australian group, offering performances, classes and recordings. Video taiko and audio clips, biographies, photos and performance information.
  • The Beat Goes On - An article by Wendy Whiteside on the evolution taiko of taiko to its modern day form. taiko References and links.
  • Phil's Taiko Page - A performing artist presents his history. An introduction, r lists of various drums, a survey, and links.
  • Kuni's HomePage - Information about Hi no Taiko with photographs and audio samples of performances with explanations and terms, a Yoko-bue, the Japanese bamboo flute, tutorial, and links to Taiko sites. [Japanese, English]
  • Odaiko New England - Performing group. Workshops, classes and live preformances
  • St. Louis Osuwa Taiko - Founded originally by the late Grand Master of r Taiko, Daihachi regional and ethnic Oguchi. This St. Louis MO r Taiko group offers performances regional and ethnic and youth workshops.
  • Taiko.us - Resources for new groups. Free web sites, public domain music to play and teaching drills to use in classes.
  • Raion Taiko - A personal blog of experiences in Japan while r studying Taiko. Personal stories, links and supporting pictures.
  • Rolling Thunder - Provides a resource for information about Japanese Taiko drumming. Offers regional and ethnic sales of drums and instruments.
  • Taiko Building - The basic elements of building a wine barrel taiko Nagado daiko. Shows the procedure from start taiko to finish.
  • Watsonville Taiko Group - A South San Francisco Bay group. Performances, Classes, events calendar and performance schedules.
  • K√úNSTLERAGENTUR - This is a central site for four German taiko groups. taiko Includes video clips and group information.
  • Burlington Taiko - Performing group in Burlington VT. Classes, performance r schedule and taiko group news for the local area.
  • TaikoInfo.org - Provides a detailed and accurate source of information on the taiko Japanese instruments and related goods of ensemble taiko, or kumidaiko
  • Emeryville Taiko - A drumming group in Emeryville, CA. Classes and local taiko performances. Instructor has 20 years experience.

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