Ensembles Taiko Regional and Ethnic Styles

Tokyo-based group formed in 1986 that adds elements of western and modern music to its taiko base. Repertoire, performances, members' profiles, and photo gallery. In Japanese and English.

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See Also:
  • Shin Daiko - A group in Düsseldorf Germany. Taiko information, ensembles photographs, audio, video, profiles, and links. In German, ensembles Japanese, and English.
  • Tao Taiko Drummers - A Kyushu based group performing internationally. With news ensembles and performance information.
  • Cal Raijin Taiko - A collegiate performing group at UC Berkeley. ensembles Events, members, ensembles history, resources, and photos.
  • Kyoshin Do Taiko Dojo - An Italian group performing , their profile, biographies taiko and schedule.
  • Wadaiko Artist Art Lee - Solo artist previously with Sacramento Taiko Dan and regional and ethnic ensembles Ondekoza. Includes profile, articles, workshop and performance regional and ethnic ensembles schedule, photographs, and links. [English/Japanese/French/Spanish/German]
  • Las Vegas Gaia Taiko Big Drum Ensemble Troupe - A professional performing troupe in Las Vegas offering reception entertainment, live Asian, Japanese and world beat band music for corporate events and private parties.
  • Tentekko-Taiko - The first new performing group in Germany since 1989. Photographs, video and contact info. Mostly German and some English.
  • Yakudo - Ontario-based taiko group, a progression of the former taiko Toronto Suwa taiko Daiko, which was founded in 1981. taiko Biographies, past and taiko upcoming performances, photographs, and taiko class information.
  • Yamato - Contains profile, members, and performance schedule.
  • Dondoko Taiko - A Fort Worth Texas Japanese style drumming group. Public performances, new members welcome.
  • Kiyoshi Nagata Ensemble - A Toronto, Canada based group. Includes biography, performance schedule, ensembles descriptions of the instruments, photo galleries, CD ordering, and links.
  • San Francisco Taiko Dojo - Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka\\'s original professional group. The oldest and largest group in the Western world. Classes, merchandise and public performance.
  • Fubuki Daiko - A Winnipeg-based group. Performance schedule with festival links, taiko photographs, interview, and CD and t-shirt ordering.
  • Northwest Taiko - Community based Japanese drumming group that has been regional and ethnic taiko performing in the Seattle area and pacific northwest regional and ethnic taiko region since 1985. Includes schedule and photos.
  • taikoproject - An American drumming/theatrical production: news, concept, biographies, photos, ensembles and contact information.
  • Gocoo - A progressive ensemble of men and women from ensembles Tokyo. ensembles News, profiles, performances, MP3s and videos, ensembles discography, reviews, and merchandise. ensembles [English/German]
  • Seattle Kokon Taiko - A Japanese-American performance group. Performances, pictures, ensembles classes and ensembles information.
  • Amanojaku - Tokyo-based group formed in 1986 that adds elements regional and ethnic taiko of western and modern music to its taiko regional and ethnic taiko base. Repertoire, performances, members\\' profiles, and photo regional and ethnic taiko gallery. In Japanese and English.

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