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Offering an irreverent look at the world of international indie rock and alternative music, featuring music downloads, music charts, interviews, events and reviews.

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  • No-Fi - Based in Silverlake, California. Covers local and global alternative pop/punk/and nerd-rock alternative scenes and events.
  • Sans Tambour Ni Trompette - An independent e-zine and radio show from France with music rock news, reviews, audio clips, and band information.
  • - A source for punk, rockabilly, country and garage alternative rock music news and Southern California events. Also alternative with zine archives, including reviews and articles.
  • Tiny Mix Tapes - Album and concert reviews, interviews, news, tour dates, and online mix tape generator.
  • Cool Noise - With the latest music reviews, release information, band index, and alternative links to sites for media files and shopping.
  • - Offers discographies, reviews, gossip and artist information including biographies.
  • Village Buzz - Local band and gig information, reviews, interviews, and news from northern Ohio, USA.
  • - A small zine that is made up of magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines interviews. Contrasting answers from a number of bands magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines and indie-label people to compare and contrast their magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines responses.
  • Altrok - Offers a critical view of music and its marketing, tempered magazines and e-zines by both fandom and cynicism. With opinions by pioneers, insiders, magazines and e-zines and fans.
  • MusicSpork - Record and live reviews of indie rock, garage, rock electronica, emo magazines and e-zines and the like, plus show calendar rock for San Francisco.
  • Lazyeye - Online music magazine that features artist profiles, interviews, reviews, and news about both national and Omaha indie rock bands.
  • Do Something Pretty Fanzine - E-zine dedicated to independent and alternative music. Covering the whole rock spectrum of independent music. Post-rock, off kilter indie, indie pop, rock lo-fi, and punk.
  • Left Off The Dial - Ezine with a monthly feature article, album and live reviews, rock and lots of links. Focus is on under-recognized artists.
  • Indieville - Articles, interviews, reviews, and links.
  • Vox Online - Music magazine with artist features, including interviews, photos, rock and contests.
  • Desperately Kind - An online indie rock magazine that includes album and show magazines and e-zines reviews, upcoming releases, a calendar of LA and NY shows, magazines and e-zines and links to other music-related sites.
  • Ob(zine) - Magazine from the lower blue mountains near Sydney, rock Australia, featuring interviews, articles, a gig guide, and rock information on local bands and events.
  • Roast - An ezine-turned-website dedicated to rock music. With band magazines and e-zines news and pictures.
  • magazine - Featuring interviews with a handful of independent musicians speaking up about the current state of rock and roll.
  • SoundsXP - Featuring reviews of indie, anti-folk, alt-country, punk and electronica releases and gigs plus interviews with artists and news.
  • Plug In - Focuses on unsigned and independent bands, with an emphasis on magazines and e-zines the alternative and indie scenes. Features band profiles, reviews and magazines and e-zines contests.
  • Komakino fanzine - A zine about pun, noise, dreampop, dark, shoegaze, alternative garage and alternative related indie and DIY music. With alternative pictures, MP3s, reviews and alternative interviews.
  • Crud Music Magazine - Offering an irreverent look at the world of magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines international indie rock and alternative music, featuring music magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines downloads, music charts, interviews, events and reviews.
  • Stix Pix - A monthy updated e-zine that focuses on garage rock bands and rock widely known bands. With articles, rock interviews, and reviews.
  • Hybrid Magazine - A monthly magazine with indie and alternative interviews, reviews, MP3s, alternative new release information, and articles.
  • Alternative Press Magazine - Features reviews, news, and features for fans of magazines and e-zines alternative alternative, indie, ska, electronic, dub, industrial, punk, techno, magazines and e-zines alternative underground, rock, ambient, and experimental.
  • Release Music Magazine - Alternative music news, reviews, features, competitions, and tour dates, with rock daily updates.
  • Lexicon - A Flash 4 site showcasing artists involved in different forms of underground music within the UK. Providing interviews, events listing, reviews, and charts.
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