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Online resource for the underground music scene in Los Angeles and the world beyond. With news and feature stories, clubs, concerts and tours, and MP3 downloads. Covering gothic, industrial, and punk music.

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  • Fast 'n' Bulbous Music Webzine - Online zine featuring top picks by year, album r reviews and rants, a history of punk, a r Funkadelic feature, and show poster gallery.
  • - A behind-the-scenes look into the rock and roll lifestyle with magazines and e-zines articles and interviews featuring major rock bands and Playboy Playmates.
  • MusicMaker Online - Entertainment news, reviews, interviews, top lists and "Babe rock of the rock Month". Updated daily.
  • - RealAudio rock music website featuring exclusive interviews, photographs, and sound samples.
  • Rockin' 50s Magazine - Covering the entire spectrum of the Rock\\'n Roll era of the 50s and early 60s with stories, interviews, pictures, and news. Published 6 times per year.
  • - Come check out what all those great 80\\'s bands are magazines and e-zines up to..along w/all the new hard rockin is full magazines and e-zines of pictures..interviews..everything and anything you need!
  • Stormbringer - News, CD reviews, interviews, tour news, playlists, recommended r listening, messageboard, discussion lists, and unsigned band references
  • Black Velvet - Paper and online zine devoted to glam, rock, alternative and pop punk music. With news, interviews, pictures, band details, reviews, and messageboard.
  • Rocknet Music Magazine - Live show and album reviews, interviews, articles, news rock and biographies!
  • Sowbug Stew - Dedicated to unearthing the best in fringe rock. r Articles, reviews, magazines and e-zines interviews and recommended albums.
  • Rock Band Lounge - Interviews, profiles and news on rock bands, includes magazines and e-zines r a forum.
  • - Featuring interviews, news, reviews and artist histories for rock, punk, and indie artists.
  • Now Wave Magazine - Reviews of punk, power pop, garage, post-punk, and r indie rock. Staff profiles, rants, contact information, r and links.
  • usounds - International underground music e-zine published by a worldwide journalists collective. With interviews, reviews, and music downloads.
  • Soundgear - Music reviews covering many styles of music, but focused mostly r on new rock releases. Also with interviews, pictures, and links.
  • Rock N Roll Experience - Online version of this Maryland based magazine. Featuring rock interviews and r reviews of rock and metal bands rock and releases.
  • Drive Magazine - Online zine dedicated to rock culture. Features The rock Rock and rock Horror Encyclopedia, a guide to help rock one discover the dark rock side of rock.
  • Freq E-Zine - A e-zine covering electronic, experimental, rock, post-rock, noise, reggae, magazines and e-zines psychedelic, underground and sometimes overground music. Record and gig reviews, magazines and e-zines interviews and links.
  • Richie Unterberger's Books and Reviews - Excerpts from this author\\'s books on cult rock rock artists from all eras. Includes musician interviews, album rock and book reviews, and links to cult and rock folk-rock artists.
  • BigO - Online version of a rock magazine from Asia. magazines and e-zines With news, gig guide, giveaways, features, music and magazines and e-zines film reviews.
  • Strutter - A print magazine from Holland covering melodic and r related rock r styles. With news, reviews, and interviews.
  • Your Radio Station - The Magazine - A fledgling e-zine with a picture gallery, a few brief reviews, and music-related links.
  • Guitar Chef - The American version of the Italian zine by r the same name. With news, reviews, release information, r lessons, and interviews.
  • The Rock Hole - Articles, features, and reviews of classic rock, hard rock rock, and magazines and e-zines hair metal bands.
  • Rock Shotz Mega-zine - Original live photos, interviews and articles.
  • Vagabond Hearts - Online version of a print zine dedicated to magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines promoting glam, sleaze, goth, punk and rock bands. magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines With exclusive interviews; live, CD and demo reviews; magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines tributes; photos; club reports.
  • Caustic Truths - Paper and e-zine covering punk, garage, emo, hardcore, and related r music. With tour information, reviews, charts, and feature articles.
  • MusicWebExpress3000 - CD reviews, interviews, and stories featuring new and classic rock, r pop, progressive and instrumental music.
  • Rocklands - A large link list/music portal, with pointers to band sites, e-zines, venues, and other music-related sites.
  • The Alternative Hole - Alternative/metal E-zine with band profiles, news, music and rock website reviews, gig guides.
  • The Underground Mine - Online resource for the underground music scene in Los Angeles and the world beyond. With news and feature stories, clubs, concerts and tours, and MP3 downloads. Covering gothic, industrial, and punk music.
  • DJ Martian's Page - Diverse music weblog covering jungle, industrial, dark metal, rock gothic, electro-rock, r techno, epic rock, post rock, experimental rock hardcore, ambient, tech house r and progressive trance.
  • A Different Kind of Greatness - Featuring alternative, indie, punk music reviews, interviews, and features.
  • Indulged - An online music publication supporting new artists in rock the rock, punk, hardcore, emo, metal, heavy metal, rock alternative, and pop genres.
  • Hoochy - Glam/punk/pop/indie/rock e-zine with demo and gig reviews, news, rock interviews, and band photos.

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