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Lengthy article describes vocal quality and typical range for subtypes from coloratura to dramatic, with a list of soprano roles in the operatic and musical theater repertoire.

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  • (Un)official Countertenor Homepage, The - Directory of mini biographies of countertenors. Other music singers links.
  • History of the Tenor Voice - Paper from the first international conference on Physiology singers and Acoustics of Singing (PAS), held in the singers Netherlands in 2002.
  • Special Considerations in the Training of the Bass Singer - Page from VoiceTeacher.com defines differences between basso profundo, basso cantablie (or lyrical bass), and bass-baritone.
  • Wikipedia: Baritone - Defines the singing range as lower than tenor voice types but higher than bass, with subclassifications including lyric, voice types bel canto and dramatic.
  • Voice Definitions and Ranges - Explains how the names of polyphonic parts were vocal adapted to identify voice types, with emphasis on vocal the tenor and countertenor.
  • Wikipedia: Soprano - Lengthy article describes vocal quality and typical range singers for subtypes voice types from coloratura to dramatic, with a singers list of soprano roles voice types in the operatic and singers musical theater repertoire.
  • Urban Dictionary: Contralto - Offers several informal definitions contributed by submitters.

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