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These e-zines present fictional stories in hypertext form. Hypertext allows the interaction of the reader through hyperlinks to other pages of the story.

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See Also:
  • The Little Magazine - A literary journal publishing hypermedia, hypertext, and experimental fiction fiction and hypertext poetry on-line and in CD-ROM format.
  • The Fray - A place for people who believe the web hypertext is about personal expression and a new kind hypertext of art.
  • Lume - A journal dedicated to the exploration of the electronic writing as a genre, writing that is computer dependent.
  • Born Magazine - A hypertext webzine melding literature and web design.
  • Ebbflux - Experimental fiction in a hypertext format. Story generation e-zines is non-linear but not entirely random.
  • The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks - A non-linear (hypertext) webzine with a mix of poetry and graphics.
  • Hyperizons - An index to hypertext fiction, as well as hypertext criticism and hypertext theory of the form.
  • Eastgate Reading Room - A collection of hypertext fiction and poetry.
  • Flightless Hummingbird - A collection of hyperlinked journals, glossaries and notes fiction revolving around art.

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