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Original science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories and poetry are available, as well as interviews and commentary. New works are released every six months.

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  • Fiction Inferno - Stories include science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative, and e-zines experimental works. Published quarterly.
  • Silver Blade - Quarterly journal of classic and modern fantasy stories, fiction poetry, and serialized novellas. Includes forum and weblog.
  • Jim Baen's Universe - Award-winning professional quarterly from Baen Publishing, edited by Eric Flint fiction and Mike Resnick. Includes short stories, serials, non-fiction, and columns. fiction Available by subscription.
  • Ideomancer - Speculative fiction, including slipstream, is updated weekly. Monthly science fiction and e-zines fantasy issues also offer a book review and commentary science fiction e-zines and fantasy from a featured author.
  • Betrayed: Avant Pulp Sci-Fi - Short stories and episodic fiction published weekly.
  • Nuketown - Speculative fiction with a heroic tone and a fiction positive outlook e-zines shares the spotlight with news and fiction reviews.
  • Dark Moon Rising - Original fiction, poetry, and artwork are published bi-monthly. Includes related e-zines non-fiction and writing workshop. E-mail version available.
  • Demensions - Mainstream science fiction and fantasy stories, novellas, and e-zines novel chapters fiction are published monthly. Includes a mailing e-zines list to provide reader fiction feedback.
  • Dark Planet - Original science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories and fiction poetry are e-zines available, as well as interviews and fiction commentary. New works are e-zines released every six months.
  • Aphelion - Along with original science fiction novels, short stories, fiction and serials, this monthly online magazine offers the fiction Mare Inebrium story series about happenings in a fiction spaceport bar.
  • Clarkesworld Magazine - Award-winning monthly featuring science fiction, fantasy and horror fiction stories from fiction new and established authors, as well fiction as podcasts, commentary, interviews fiction and editorials.
  • RevolutionSF - Fiction - Updated weekly with illustrated stories from professional authors science fiction and science fiction and fantasy fantasy including Michael Moorcock, Scott Cupp, Joe Lansdale and science fiction science fiction and fantasy and fantasy others. Edited by Rick Klaw.
  • Ultraverse E-zine of Science Fiction & Fantasy - Short stories of science fiction and fantasy, author science fiction and fantasy interviews and reviews, published quarterly. Also includes links science fiction and fantasy to information for writers and readers.
  • Infinity Plus - Short stories, novel extracts, reviews, and features, with science fiction and e-zines fantasy new material added weekly.
  • Mytholog - Short stories and poems with exploring the modern mythos and its roots, published quarterly. Illustrated. Submissions accepted.
  • Strange Horizons - A weekly speculative fiction e-zine that offers science fiction and fiction fantasy stories, poetry, art, reviews, and author interviews.
  • Voices/Future Tense - Stories set in the myriad worlds of the Orion\\'s Arm science fiction and fantasy Universe Project. Includes novella writing contest, editorials, poetry, serieals, and science fiction and fantasy reviews. Quarterly.
  • Twilight Times - Cross-genre speculative fiction is the focus of this quarterly magazine that offers science fiction, fantasy, and magic realism stories, poetry, and artwork.
  • The Infinite Matrix - Edited by Eileen Gunn, with new stories by writers such e-zines as Neal Barrett Jr., Michael Swanwick, and Gene Wolf. Includes e-zines reviews, essays, and a weblog by Bruce Sterling. Published monthly, e-zines but some features are updated more frequently.
  • Grantville Gazette - Bi-monthly electronic publication of stories set in Eric fiction Flint\\'s "1632" universe. Each issue features a serial fiction story by Flint and several submissions from pro fiction and fan authors. Subscription.
  • Orion Tales - Downloadable original stories and art published by the Orion Arm\\'s Worldbuilding group. Stories are set in the far future and written to fit the Orion Arm\'s "hard science space opera" scenario. [PDF]
  • Anotherealm - New science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories are e-zines posted twice a month, with short fiction updated e-zines weekly. Features include book reviews, a message board, e-zines and links to resources for writers.
  • Ray Gun Revival - Monthly issues featuring stories in the space-opera and science fiction and science fiction and fantasy fantasy pulp adventures sub-genres. Includes links to authors\\' other science fiction science fiction and fantasy and fantasy works, forums, and submission information. [PDF]
  • Laser and Sword Magazine - Stories focused on heroes and episodic short fiction. science fiction and fantasy Quarterly.
  • silverthought - Speculative fiction with a focus on plausible science, fiction including short stories, sections from unpublished novels in fiction progress, and sample chapters from published works.
  • The Three-lobed Burning Eye - Tales of horror, suspense, fantasy, science fiction, and science fiction and science fiction and fantasy fantasy magic realism fill a quarterly webzine of speculative science fiction science fiction and fantasy and fantasy fiction and art.
  • DargonZine - Publishes stories produced by a collaborative group of writers, all fiction set in the late medieval fantasy world called Dargon. New fiction issues are released monthly.
  • Distant Worlds - Science fiction stories are published monthly. Also includes science news, e-zines a space art image gallery, message board for writers, and e-zines commentary on writing.
  • Scribal Tales - Short stories in the fantasy, science fiction, horror, e-zines and hybrid science fiction and fantasy genres, published every two months.
  • A Wayfarers Journal - Stories, poems, reviews, and literary essays with a science fiction and fantasy spiritual component.
  • - Weekly that features stories, cartoons, and recordings in fiction the sub-genre.
  • Pantechnicon - Offers science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories, articles, interviews, columns, and reviews. Open submissions.
  • Quantum Muse - New science fiction, fantasy, alternative writing, and artwork fiction are posted e-zines each month. Links to services for fiction writers and "drinkers with e-zines a writing problem" are fiction also available.
  • Raven Electrick - Short stories and poems from sword and sorcery e-zines to space opera, hard-boiled noir to vampire yarns. e-zines Monthly.

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