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Tells a story of a classic battle between darkness and light. A prophecy: one day a dark warrior will practice the light.

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See Also:
  • Culture Shock - A novel in progress and collection of short stories exploring fiction the relationships between psychic creatures and their battle against a fiction psychic disease that threatens to drive the entire population insane.
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  • Go D'Ganger Fight! - Comic Sci-Fi with original illustrations. D\\'Ganger tries to genres protect the science fiction world from evil alien invaders.
  • Fantastic World of Papa Joe - Contains original science fiction and fantasy stories, serials, and art.
  • Children of the Sunrise - Unfinished novel about children and family. Includes some fiction hypertext features.
  • The IO Manuscripts - The story of a civilisation which flourished fifty science fiction million years ago in what we now know science fiction as Antarctica.
  • Wingspan - Hypertext fiction. "A story of the space between two wings; the span between Heaven and Hell."
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  • Every Fire - A story by Richard Bailey.
  • The Wyverns' Library - A collection of texts by a variety of genres authors, in fiction the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres genres. Also has fiction a critique workshop.
  • Thorn Tower - Stories in progress. Those which receive feedback fiction will be science fiction continued.
  • WarPhobia Central - The website of all irreverence. Featuring interviews, tributes and an science fiction online fiction based on a soldier fighting in the 23rd science fiction century
  • Circle of Light - True story of life in a supernatural reality.
  • The Invisible Woman - Featuring the surreal beauty of invisible women, and fiction links to other invisible sites on the web.
  • The Adventures of Hassan - A series of short adventure stories, set in genres the future about a young man born on genres the rather desolate planet of Lam.
  • The Temporal Doorway Library - Sample chapters from Mark Cashman\\'s previous works and the in-progress science fiction text of his current novel, and science fiction poetry.
  • Black Winter - A novel set in the devastated world of genres Twilight:2000.
  • Hræthgarm - A heroic epic written in iambic pentameter which incorporates elements fiction of Norse mythology.
  • Under The Wormwood Star - Journey into the darkness of nuclear war and fiction its consequences fiction upon the human psyche.
  • Regonian Light - Tells a story of a classic battle between darkness and science fiction light. A prophecy: one day a dark warrior will practice science fiction the light.

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