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You have entered a world where technology is outlawed. Nations have slipped into the dark ages of medieval warfare and only ruins and relics of their once advanced civilization remain shrouded in mystery. Those who enjoyed the Lord of the Rings and Star

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  • Distant Storms - Free, regularly updated episodes of an ongoing character-driven, science fiction science-fiction/adventure genres series.
  • Sitnalta: Adventure Through Time and Metaphysical Space - A scuba diver time travels back to Atlantis.
  • The Book of Rhuines - A developing online series of short related science-fiction science fiction fantasy stories.
  • The Adventures of Kurtis Star - Online novel which follows the Adventures of Kurtis Star and series stories his crew aboard the Shootingstar.
  • Welcome to Crescent Isle - Bringing writers and lurkers from all over together series stories in a shared universe in order to create series stories communal stories.
  • Starpol - An action series about a futuristic police unit genres that patrols series stories the far corners of the universe.
  • Space Station 33 - Stories about an implant Station on the back genres of the series stories moon commanded by Arohohn.
  • Incursion - The Official Site - A work in progress by David Barrett.
  • The Origin - The Origin is a science fiction series of science fiction episode writings on the origin of the human science fiction race.
  • m a c h i n e - Workers are genetically manufactured to love "THE MACHINE", a technological force manipulating mankind. "MARROW" and his identical brother "BARROW" brother are imperfectly adapted for this destiny and seek freedom.
  • - Science fiction/horror story with computer generated images. genres Updated weekly.
  • The Vermin's Den - Chronicles the continuing adventures of energy-based creatures Alpha, Athena, Mars, series stories and their pack of rodent friends as they strive to series stories save the universe from their headquarters in the Ohm Central series stories City. Strong environmental theme.
  • The Stealthy Juggler, Sort of - The home and chaos of Moxy Youngblood, teen hero of genres The Stealthy Juggler Sort Of, an online science fiction murder genres mystery posted in chapters, or "vissiles," at this site.
  • Earth Locked - The brief but continuing story of an alien genres interstellar pirate science fiction locked into living life in the genres body of a human science fiction female as punishment for genres a crime she didn't commit.
  • Epi World - You have entered a world where technology is genres outlawed. Nations have slipped into the dark genres ages of medieval warfare and only ruins and genres relics of their once advanced civilization remain shrouded genres in mystery. Those who enjoyed the Lord genres of the Rings and Star
  • Downfall - In 2195, cyberspace flatlines. This epic cyberpunk genres serial follows Aran, Phoenix and (2)syl through their genres struggles in a dead and dying world. genres Survival isn\'t easy, but it\'s the only option.
  • Omega9 Station Interactive Adventure - The Omega9 Station Interactive Adventure gives you the science fiction opportunity to add chapters to an exciting Sci-Fi science fiction adventure story, with online community and free web science fiction email.
  • Klystar - The Twin Universe - A journey of discovery to find the true series stories nature of our existence and the universe.
  • The Fovean Chronicles - The story of Randy Morden, a man of our world, genres thrust into another against his will. Includes news, biography, and genres members area.
  • The Space Saga - An original series, involving science fiction.
  • Chronicles of a Twin World, Star, and Solar System Under Siege - Retro Star\\'s seven volumes track a twin Earth science fiction attacked and destroyed by unknown aliens, until science fiction humanity fights back, aided by a genius\'s Cray science fiction and wargame.
  • Tao of Vampires - Marques de Matisse Dillard\\'s vampire science fiction trilogy in series stories the third millennium.
  • Hypertext - An experimental fantasy short-story, told in poetry and genres prose through series stories the medium of hypertext.
  • Galactic Customs - Saving the Earth from the galaxy, and the galaxy from science fiction starbucks.

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