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Novel set in the 1980s about a teen girl's obsession with space and her involvement with a local heavy metal band.

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  • Science Fiction: The Idea of Metal - This is an excerpt from a newly finished novel.
  • Forge of Creation - Babylonian legend tells of the Annunukai. A godlike novels race of novels beings who from the stars and novels colonized the Earth. Ongoing novels fiction project by Jeff novels Sheets
  • The Keepers of Forever - Online copy of original science fiction novel; a science fiction blend novels of hard science, classical space opera, and science fiction erotica. Read novels online or download. Free.
  • Earthbound - A time-warp victim falls in love with his novels Earth ancestor novels and risks changing history, disrupting his novels timeline and jeopardizing his novels own existence.
  • Guitar Solo of the Gods - Novel set in the 1980s about a teen genres girl\\'s obsession with space and her involvement with genres a local heavy metal band.
  • Worlds and Letters - An illustrated epistolary science fiction novel.
  • Redemption Trail - Novel about two petty convicts exiled from Earth, novels who find themselves behind the lines of an novels alien invasion.
  • Cox Publishing: Roadside Ron and Web craze, the novels - Roadide Ron: merit award winner, best first book by a genres publisher. Web Craze: sci-fi internet thriller.
  • Skid - An e-text science fiction novel. Only excerpts novels are available novels on site, but the whole version novels is available for free novels download in PDF and novels ASCII formats.
  • Institute for Parallel Studies - Home to Bromfkidor, an alternate history science fiction science fiction novel science fiction in Antarctica.
  • Senses - A science fiction novel about a musician.
  • Nanomen - PDF novel dealing with nanotechnology and space travel in the science fiction near future.
  • Sastrugi - A novel about an alien invasion, the methods science fiction used genres to stop it, and the consequences.
  • Metafire - Novel about how the Internet enables space business and how a bomb starts it all.
  • A Season in Methven - An illustrated science fiction novel written in journal science fiction format.
  • Realm of Xanadu - An illustrated sci-fi/fantasy cyber-novel, in the form of several loosely related chapters. About a city from the past hidden from the modern world, but influencing the future.

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