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hol/o-phras'tic, adj. -from holophrase, n, 'a single word expressing the ideas of a phrase or sentence.' Thriving messageboards.

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Slowly Downward* - This site contains short prose in surreal, irreal and stream of consciousness style, as well as a quiz that spent time in an art museum.

  • Irest - Bohemians as old as dirt. Share their insight, pure fiction and simple.
  • Standing On It - A collection of short stories to release the genres spirit.
  • Dog-O-Matic Kiosk - For all your instant dogma needs.
  • Dull - Included within is philosophy, poetry, a section for fiction bored people, and prose. The prose takes fiction the form of surrealism, irrealism and cubism.
  • Third Eye - Stories that stagger from deeply insightful to insanely genres ridiculous, often bizarre within the same paragraph.
  • Lies - A HyperFiction short story.
  • Unpopular Science - Short articles about strange things that mankind shouldn\\'t genres build or create.
  • Ratchetville - Ratchetville has philosophical essays and other writings.
  • The Salvaged Autobiographical Accounts of Clyde P. Hipwing - A free online novel about a manic-depressive author fiction and his fiction eventual destiny into the white house.
  • Spoons out of melons - Strange and oddly maddening drivel in short-short story bizarre format.
  • Holophrastic Plosion - hol/o-phras\\'tic, adj. -from holophrase, n, \\'a single word expressing the ideas of a phrase or sentence.\' Thriving messageboards.
  • Depths of the Dungeon - Imagination can take you anywhere. A site of strange genres poems and other writings.
  • The Writers' Corner - Dedicated to less than well known authors.
  • Dimension Zero - Imagination has no boundaries.
  • Zoot Speak - Ultra short stories written in a variety of genres surreal dreamlike fiction ways.
  • A Girl Who Has No Future - A vicious wonderland; a glimpse of the world bizarre behind closed fiction doors.
  • Debauchery's Reward - A collection of bizarre and tasteless short stories, genres that claims genres to offer "fast paced fiction for genres those with short attention genres spans".
  • Funkmeistergoo's HepcatHaus - A strange web page with poetry and Real fiction Audio readings bizarre of bizarre writings.
  • On The Canvas - Art and writing about surrealism and boxing.
  • Strangesite - Consider a world created by incompetent gods where bizarre the apocalypse lies on the shoulders of teenagers.

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