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This site is dedicated to MY novel. It's already written; this is for all of you who can't buy a copy. It has a lot of information about myself and other interesting things.

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  • Shadowvale - A Gothic Rendezvous - Shadowvale - The first book in an online trilogy series fantasy that tells of Duke Kiel quest. Filled with enigmatic character fantasy - this online graphical book will delight readers of all fantasy ages.
  • Elven Lovers - The story of two elves who fall in fantasy love with one another through battles against enemies fantasy who\'ll do anything to possess their secret.
  • The Dragon Lord of Tsuchi - Updates of novel chapters, short stories, and a genres collection of artwork of characters from the book.
  • Rival of Mars - a Science Fiction and Fantasy Story - My science fiction and fantasy story blends space fantasy adventure with fiction mystery and drama.
  • Uncharted Territory: Novella - A story of humans and a cat-like people called Arrallins fiction crash-landing on a planet inhabited by gryphons.
  • Tehuti's Per On The Web - Egyptian mythology and graphics resources, as well as fiction original online genres fantasy fiction based on Egyptian myth.
  • A Knights Tale - About a post-apocalyptic Earth involving good and evil, love, knights, fairies and gnomes, magicians and wizards.
  • River Wind - Includes maps, stories, and general information about the fantasy fantasy world of River Wind and other fan fantasy fiction.
  • The Legend of Aleyna - A Fable or Fairy Tale?
  • Blacksent... First Book of the Umbra - A fantasy adventure set in a world not genres too far from our own, by Michael A genres LaFlamme and Michael D. Poe.
  • Arsinuae - Novels in progress set in the world of fiction Arsinuae, with fantasy timeline.
  • The Pheonix Saga - Unfinished novel focusing on a world of might, magic, and fiction horror.
  • InkDrop X 3 - Harry Potter fan fiction, Invader Zim fan fiction, kodocha fan fantasy fiction, original stories, and poems.
  • Modern Dragon Legacy - Dragon story told by a group of modern fantasy dragons.
  • Fairy Tail - Online, illustrated, fairy tale world.
  • The Lion's Den - A personal page with a small collection of stories and genres artwork.
  • Worlds Apart: Tales Of Fantasy, Heroism, and Romance - Original fantasy novels and short stories.
  • Griselda - Griselda is a character in the Gloranthan city of Pavis, fantasy created and written about by Oliver Dickinson. The Griselda fantasy fiction is fantasy noir.
  • Of Khromats and Kings - Story of the F'Staa Universe by Lisa Jennings.
  • The King's Foresters - First two chapters of a novel by Michael genres Gallant. Remaining chapters are available free by email.
  • The Mystics: Seal of Forgotten Memories - This site is dedicated to MY novel. It\\'s already fantasy written; this is for all of you who can\\'t buy fantasy a copy. It has a lot of information about fantasy myself and other interesting things.
  • The Land of Maychoria - Enter the world of Madra, where war with fantasy the Witch Ryoo is about to interrupted by fantasy the arrival of four strange warriors from the fantasy alternate dimension known as Terra.
  • Worlds Away - Features excerpts from two fantasy works by J. E. MacMillan: genres the romantic Mistress of Calistar and the Native American-based Jovai.
  • Descent Into Magery - A fantasy book being posted on the web fiction as it is being written, chapter by chapter, fiction with frequent chapter updates. Also available some short fiction stories, and art
  • Bronze and Blood - A screenplay suggesting an alternative mythology for classical europe in which Farie-Folk and men co-existed.
  • Dreams of Reality - The life and times of a Fury on fiction a fantasy world where people live the lives fiction they always intended.

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