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Follow the adventures of Ari Kahrlan, the Guardian of Shar Halla. Submit your own stories based on the story canon.

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  • Guiding the Stars - A book posted in installments once a week, with character profiles.
  • Crystal Team HQ - A site about two (fictional) heroes: The Crystal genres Team. Also fantasy has some game information.
  • Molly of Tortuga - A rousing yarn of piracy, voodoo, unidentified objects in flight, blood lust, and carnal excess upon the Spanish Main. Profusely illustrated.
  • - The story of Zig Zag, an anthropomorphic character fantasy in search of happiness.
  • Defenders of the Realm - An ongoing serial that takes Arthurian legend and turns it genres on its head.
  • Firestaff Series - A five novel fantasy series that follows the genres journey and series stories adventures of Tarrin Kael.
  • Crystal Clear - Online Fantasy Story - An on-going online fantasy story written by an genres amateur writer.
  • The Golden Dawn - Biweekly serial novel of occult adventures, 1899, featuring series stories Crowley, genres Edison, Hitler, Freud, Jarry, Stoker, Wilde, and series stories Yeats.
  • Leaving the Light - Toni was just an ordinary girl until she met the man of her dreams. He changed her life forever, he and the vampires who had taken her prisoner.
  • The Chronicles of Shar Halla - Follow the adventures of Ari Kahrlan, the Guardian fantasy of Shar Halla. Submit your own stories based fantasy on the story canon.
  • Gaia Legend - And all new series on-line. Students with fantasy strange powers...unnatural series stories humans that want them. Three fantasy major seasons.
  • Out of Babylon - Follow the adventures of Valiant, an Elder in fantasy the Circle genres of White Knights.
  • Kupopolis - A collaborate, fantasy, interactive story created using a genres custom made bulletin board system.
  • The Saga of Moon and Sun - The story of a fantasy world stuck in series stories a religious war that has raged on for series stories centuries, and the unlikely heroes that arise from series stories the situation.
  • Mu - Cocky golf fanatic and student Matt Lord is fantasy the \\'hero\\' fantasy in this epic saga set after fantasy the End of the fantasy World.
  • The Tyrannical Wall - No Latte For You - A humorous parody of The Lord of the Rings.

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