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The reader can click to read a multiple viewpoint novel, or choose to read the same general story from a particular character's point of view. Each of the views is a complete story.

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  • Queen of Heaven - Fictional biography of Mary Magdalene.
  • Random Hearts - Novel about a romance between a medical intern novels and a fiction firefighter. Also offers links to fan novels fiction.
  • Above it All - A novel by George W. Morrison about the search for fiction freedom, acceptance and love.
  • Ocean of Love - A novel about carnatic music students in South novels India, by Martin Frank.
  • Music Chain - About six best friends who share a passion for music novels - and for each other.
  • Shattered Glass - A full length novel posted as chapters are completed.
  • Tales from the Hollow Earth - An illustrated hypertext fiction set in an alternative online writing cosmology.
  • Letters from the Fire - A novel about the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia which explores issues of love and war in cyberspace.
  • Second Coming - By changing his point of view, an author online writing is caught in a dilemma: Save his failing online writing career or instigate the end of the world.
  • The Flower's Desire - Suicide Note: Case 019. This is a 17-year-old white male high school student with no previous attempts who died by drowning during a youth group retreat.
  • Persephone's Torch - A mystery set against the world of 1930\'s novels theatre life.
  • HyperLife: A Life in Hypertext - Life stories, and essays. Interactive novel.
  • The Assassination of Roy's Suspended Disbelief - A surreal experimental work of fiction that makes novels use of images and audio.
  • She'll Learn - Features information on two books, She\\'ll Learn and Candy for My Soul.
  • To Wyoming - Portrait of America.
  • Bob Takes a Walk - Novella, in three parts.
  • Guardians of the Secret - An online novel of ideas. A political thriller fiction about secrets.
  • Writings by Oliver Benjamin - Free novels available for download.
  • The Impossible History of Grimalky Quickens - The unexpurgated text of the original satire.
  • Omega - Omega returns the adult reader to the world novels of childhood fiction imagination: a world populated by the novels fantastic, the fabulous and fiction the thoroughly improbable.
  • Wideawake - Twelve novels with a spiritual theme.
  • North Parade - Internet novel available both as a complete book online writing and online writing as individual chapters, selectable by the reader.
  • Sword Dance - A military helicopter crashes killing 24 of Britain\\'s fiction most senior fiction intelligence officers. A political thriller set fiction in Scotland.
  • Anything Goes - A piece of fiction that intertwines the lives online writing of fiction many musical theatre characters.
  • Revelations: a story game of Creation - About all Creation, God\\'s Angels, and their battle online writing to keep life and harmony for all existence.
  • An urban-fox novel - A story of people and foxes sharing a Manchester suburb.
  • Wicker Park Dog - An Internet novel in pdf format. A story novels set up like a journal.
  • Sunnu - A novel about growing up in middle-class South India by fiction Suman Kumar.
  • Freemindshow - Ongoing story about a rock and roll band, one new novels chapter each week.
  • Darkzoo - The reader can click to read a multiple online writing viewpoint fiction novel, or choose to read the same online writing general story fiction from a particular character\\'s point of online writing view. Each of fiction the views is a complete online writing story.
  • Manifesto - A collaborative novel.
  • Inquest - A fantasy serial in which a family is online writing asked online writing to produce a biography of an enigmatic online writing wealthy professor.
  • The Ghost of Alma Matterson - A novel by Kevin Delaney, the tale of a young man raised by computers.
  • The Wistful Radio Chronicles - Nostalgic tales of Old Time Radio captured for online writing posterity online writing in an on-line novel.
  • Bret's Journals - A chronicle of an anti-hero\\'s life through a fiction series of fiction comic and sometimes depraved situations.
  • The Glorious Sound - Action and suspense Netnovelet about two boys growing novels up in the 1910's and Roaring 20's.
  • The Body Missing Project - The multi-lingual story of 16 Canadian and German artists and online writing their inquirey into the art-theft policies of the Third Reich.
  • Magnolia Hill - An array of fiction by author Karlene Kubat, online writing offered fiction free in PDF format for download.

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