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Award-winning soap opera focusing on mystery and romance in New York. Interactive features include character profiles, maps, polls, mailing lists and surveys.

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Stoney Grove* - A couples win the lottery and buys a historic estate in Great Britain. Uncover the many stories that inhabit this virtual home.
About Schuyler Falls* - Award-winning soap opera focusing on mystery and romance in New York. Interactive features include character profiles, maps, polls, mailing lists and surveys.

  • Emerald City - Heirs of a murdered man must live in fiction his house series stories in order to gain their inheritance.
  • Gossamer - In the spirit of contemporary fiction and television soap operas. Follow the intriguing lives of the Hollingsworth family.
  • Web of Lies - Follow the web of deceit and lies in internet soap operas series stories the town of Park Ridge.
  • TV Web Network - Entertainment portal for streaming video soaps Scandals and Space Girls internet soap operas in Beverly Hills. Requires Quicktime.
  • Wild Thangs - Enter the world of the Andrews, Taylors, Lincolns internet soap operas internet soap operas and Moraleses in Southern California.
  • Secret Horizons - Revolves around two families in small-town Virginia. Special series stories features series stories include series stories series stories series stories series stories series stories series stories series stories message forums, series stories a walking tour series stories of the city and a weekly series stories recipe from series stories the town series stories series stories series stories series stories series series stories stories series stories series stories diner.
  • - Graphic comic soap opera with an integral online fiction shopping mall.
  • Revelations - The fictional northern California town of Palmetto Heights. series stories Contains series stories cast photos, message board, comings and goings.
  • Romance Towers - Set in a resort hotel in fictional Arcadia series stories Springs.
  • Tangled Web - An on-going story about people dealing with difficult fiction situations. Episodes fiction are visible in Word or WordPad.
  • Ambrose - Mystery about a long dead woman, and the series stories heads fiction of two different families planning to marry series stories their children fiction to each other.
  • Ordinary World - Brief episodes focusing on four young lives in the UK.
  • Dusk To Dawn - Text-intensive series set in an Eighties-themed bar in fictional Hollywood Beach.
  • The Hollow - Supernatural web series taking place in the town fiction of Hollow Creek, where "evil gets in but fiction it doesn't get out."
  • The Legacy - Danger, action, intrigue and romance infiltrate this spy series stories action-adventure thriller about a covert agency.
  • As the Mouse Moves - Daily soap opera depicting the NYC-based lives of series stories a series stories single woman, a party planner, and an series stories international spa series stories owner. Part of a New York series stories City photo e-zine.
  • Shadow River - An episodic tale of horror in a small mountain town plagued by terrifying incidents and heated passions.
  • Crossroads - In a small town, Blacks and Hispanics must fiction find themselves fiction in order to survive. Come fiction and experience the love, fiction family, and life from fiction a different perspective.
  • Crime Scene Evidence File - Solve crime by sifting through case histories, photos, series stories and other evidence in this weekly-updated realistic series.
  • Midway Prep - At this school, a melting pot of teenage hormones, characters\\' series stories lives can be perfect one minute and a nightmare the series stories next.
  • Tinseltrash - A daily e-novel describing a story of Hollywood fiction lust, intrigue, and back-stabbing.
  • Romantic Interlude - Romantic comedy-drama told in photos and text. Features an all-Asian cast.
  • Azura Luna Online Drama - An online drama that crosses cyberculture with reality. series stories An internet story written about online relationships that series stories developeinto real stories.
  • As the Cheek Turns - Parody based on the real-life friends/enemies of the fiction site's creators.
  • Friends and Foes - Melodramatic series about teenagers and their exciting lives.
  • The Company Therapist - Enter a psychiatrist\\'s world as he sees patients from a fiction large computer company. Complex interactive drama lets readers snoop in fiction on client records, phone transcripts, and the fictional shrink\'s own fiction notes.
  • Grecian Hills - Mock television soap opera. Extensive biographies of its fiction fictional cast series stories and description of storylines, though there fiction are no actual episodes.
  • - An episodic story that chronicles our future through series stories archeological internet soap operas excavations. Weekly updates to the site provide series stories new clues internet soap operas to the mystery. Or do they?
  • Dyes Of Our Lives - Life in the big city, from catering companies to fashion internet soap operas designers, all portrayed by hair dye boxes.
  • Legacy of Spies - Espionage drama. A realm where adventure has a fiction name, suspense series stories is a commonality, and spies are fiction as extraordinary as the series stories evil they fight.
  • By Any Other Name - Mystery abounds when twins, separated at birth, switch internet soap operas series stories places after a train accident.
  • Ocean Drive - A dramatic web series about the powerful Lanford internet soap operas series stories family and their interactions with others.
  • Cyprus Horizons - Follows the lives of a family moving from England to a fictional town in Cyprus.
  • Presence - Follow the lives of those living in Presence, internet soap operas fiction Calif. Character guides, weekly episodes, spoilers and maps.
  • Pink House - The activities of a fictional block of flats fiction in the UK. Updated on Saturdays.

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