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Diaries with customizable look and feel and login capabilities from any web browser. Extra features including image hosting available with paid accounts.

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  • My Personal Diary - Hosts diaries which are text only. Gives users the ability to send feedback, notification when selected journals are updated and they can be designated as private or public.
  • Adviser Journal - Offers personal journals for lawyers, auditors, web-designers, SEO-specialists resources (Russia, Ukraine hosts - non English)
  • HIPalbum - A wireless photo weblog and entertainment website for users of journals Danger's Sidekick or HipTop device.
  • Easyjournal - Service provides personalized website address, private messages, and privacy passcodes.
  • The Journal Community - Offers free journaling accounts. Customizable with pictures, journals text, some journals scripts.
  • eTravelDiary - Host your own private or public travel diary. Features resources email notification, photo uploads. Extra features with paid accounts.
  • Bravenet Web Journal - Free fully customizable web journals and online diaries.
  • The RITRO Diaries - Free service, with personalized calendar and search feature journals for current journals and archived entries.
  • Jemdiary - Free, online diary service.
  • Open Diary - Provides users with an easily updated diary. journals Completely private use.
  • DiaryLand - Diaries with customizable look and feel and login journals capabilities from any web browser. Extra features including journals image hosting available with paid accounts.
  • Caleida - Journal source, similar to LiveJournal.
  • Oprah Journal Landing - Journaling for expressing thoughts and gratitude. Resources resources and hosting provided with helpful tutorials to get resources started. Shared and private journals available.
  • About My Life - Customizable journals including pictures. Blogs can be categorized by resources interest and community. Additional features are available for paid resources accounts. Based on Livejournal source code.
  • sitDiary - It is online diary community. Entries can be hosts public, private hosts or friends-only. Allows customization and image hosts uploads.
  • - Resembles a day planner with calendar view.
  • My Dear Diary - Hosts free, personal, anonymous diaries.
  • Digital Expressions - Community oriented diary site that offers public and resources private diaries.
  • - Free online journals. Color and template styles choices, journals reader comments, journals private and public journal entries without journals ads.
  • - Opensource project. A service for creating and resources customizing a resources journal on the web. Download resources an executable tool to resources update your journal without resources being connected to the site. resources Additional features resources with paid account.
  • My Own Journal - Basic account offers text based entries and a resources friends list. resources Additional features with paid accounts.
  • Dear Diary - Customizable diaries updateable via web browser including pictures. hosts Plus accounts include additional features.
  • Bluesoft - Create private or shared journals. Setup is journals similar to resources a day planner and entries can journals include pictures. The resources company is developing the journals journal as a marketable product and resources lets users journals use it free in hopes of receiving feedback resources journals for development.
  • InsaneJournal - Journaling community hosting personal, customizable journals. Based on Livejournal source code.
  • Blurty Journals - Community site designed for adults, based on livejournal resources source code. journals Future plans are to add resources paid accounts with additional journals features in addition to resources the free accounts currently offered.
  • Journal Home - Provides you with hosting space creating, editing, managing, journals and authoring resources your weblog. Free accounts and customizable journals with premade templates.
  • eDailyDiary - Free online diary host.
  • Dream Journal - Create and customize your own dream journal. Keep hosts track of journals your dreams and share them with hosts others.

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