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There are so many journals out there it can be hard to keep up with all of them. The purpose of this site is to put all that information in one place.

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  • DavidRM Software's The Journal - Personal journaling system with many features.
  • Journal Writing - This site offers interviews with journaling experts, reviews journals of journal technique books, historical and private journals, journals a hints and tips section, book recommendations and journals links to other journal sites.
  • Inspired to Journal - Essays, prompts, quotes, personal entries, and a new journals workshop. Designed journals to inspire and advise journalers.
  • Flickr: Visual Journal - If you keep visual diaries and have pages resources you\\'d like to share, post them here. Share resources your creative thinking process with others.
  • Cynthia Gallaher's Journal Tips - Writing tips and prompts for journal writers.
  • Daydreaming on Paper - Tips, prompts, and exercises for the creative journaler. online writing Purple Ink.
  • Right Mind Logic - Journal writing software for professionals with a special resources focus on capturing ideas and bits of knowledge resources and experience. Supports quickly finding those bits with resources full-text search.
  • New Life Stories - Help for writing your own life story.
  • Open Journal - The simple Open Journal perl script will manage and maintain your Web-based musings and writings from a completely Web-based interface (say bye-bye to FTP, manual archiving).
  • Life Tales - Information, newsletters and an e-zine about journaling, including writing exercises.
  • Writer's - WEAS is devoted to providing writing, journal-keeping and other resources for the writing and journaling community.
  • Flickr: Drawing Journal - Share your random drawings, artistic lines, or just journals your journaling, resources as long as they are in journals a journal form.
  • Writing The Journey - An online journal writing workshop that presents journal online writing writing online writing concepts, tools, techniques, writing exercises, and links online writing to supportive online writing resources.
  • BellaOnline: Journals - Reviews, articles, links and discussion about weblogs, online journals journals, garden journals, scrapbooking and resources for journal journals writers.
  • LifeJournal - Journal writing software for the PC, for personal and professional use.
  • - Read diaries, use the message boards without registration. resources No need to leave an e-mail. Just a resources place to sound off about Sports, music or resources whatever.
  • A Creative Journal - Journal writing ideas, prompts, tips, inspiration.
  • Writing Tips - Journal writing tips, creative writing exercises and journal writing prompts journals from a stationery shop.
  • The Creative Notebook - Offers quotes, writing prompts, keeping a writer\\'s notebook, resources journaling techniques journals and methods, and weekly articles on resources journal writing.
  • The Definitive Source for Online Journalers - There are so many journals out there it online writing can resources be hard to keep up with all online writing of them. resources The purpose of this site is online writing to put all resources that information in one place.
  • - Free family-safe online diaries and blogs.
  • Just Journal - Books and articles about keeping journals for personal growth and freedom.
  • Flickr: Picture Diary - Journalling your thoughts through pictures. A group and forum for diarists who use photos.
  • I Color My World - A service that lets you log your emotions over time using iColor. You can add your own intimate thoughts and feelings to be logged and viewed later like a diary.
  • How to Develop A Spiritual Journal - Advice and suggestions for how to develop a spiritual journal. Includes how to begin, what types of things to write about, what devices to use, suggestions for other resources, and excerpts from the author's own spiritual journal.

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