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An unmoderated, open mailing list for soliciting and sharing writing and design critiques for online diary and journal sites. Active participation is recommended, but not managed or tracked.

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  • Journals - A list for the discussion of journalling. Mainly resources for online mailing lists journals, but paper journals are occasionally resources discussed as well.
  • Journaling - For the critical analysis of journal writing.
  • Journals and You - An exploration of how and why people journal. journals Share with journals us how you got started keeping journals a journal, favorite journalling journals books, and difficulties in journals your journalling that you\\'re looking for journals ideas about journals how to deal with.
  • Journal Women - List for women who write journals or diaries. Sharing, writing, mailing lists and discussion. Unmoderated.
  • JournalJoy - The list will include daily topics guaranteed to mailing lists jump mailing lists start your journal writing. Learn how to mailing lists kick the mailing lists critic out of your head and mailing lists write your own mailing lists journals, the ones only you mailing lists can write.
  • Diary Junkies - This is a place to exchange diary links mailing lists and mailing lists talk about your favorite online diaries.
  • Journal Weddings - A list for online journal writers (and others) journals to discuss resources wedding plans.
  • Yahoo Groups: Journal Writing - Email list to discuss journaling ideas, questions or resources roadblocks. Journal ideas to keep you writing.
  • Journalize - An unmoderated, open mailing list for soliciting and journals sharing writing journals and design critiques for online diary journals and journal sites. Active journals participation is recommended, but journals not managed or tracked.
  • Souljournaling - Journal writing can be a profound tool for journals transformation. This resources list will provide the community with journals journal topics on an resources every-other day basis to journals be used for the purpose of resources tuning into journals the inner-soul issues and psyche.
  • Johndoe Neighborhood - A mailing list for members of the johndoe journal community. resources You must have a journal on the site to resources participate in the list.
  • Dev-L - A discussion forum for HTML, CSS, web programming resources and all journals related web design areas as they resources relate to the online journals journalling community.
  • Aus Tex Journal - Central Texans who keep journals and want to resources chat or resources meet.

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