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A free tool to help bloggers create and affiliate links of various forms. The tool inserts its own affiliate code on 2 out of 10 book entries.

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See Also:
  • BlogAmp - A free Winamp plugin that allows the user to keep weblogs a list with the last songs played in Winamp.
  • - A free tool to manage your web links and increase weblogs traffic to your weblog or website.
  • MoodSmilies - Display your mood with a smiley in your weblog. Free.
  • XFN - XHTML Friends Network hyperlink protocol for blogs and tools blogrolls.
  • 21Publish - Turnkey solution for creating a customized weblog network.
  • I Color My World - Assigns color values to five major human moods tools or emotions weblogs and combines them to produce and tools display the mood of weblogs the Internet World with tools a single color.
  • My Top Five - Provides bloggers with the ability to on the web tools add information about their pop culture preferences to on the web tools their readers.
  • Ping-o-Matic - Updates multiple services and search engines about updates to weblog weblogs content, with a single ping.
  • - Free web-based tool allows users to embed a weblogs list of music, books, films and computer games weblogs anywhere in a page, and manage the list weblogs remotely.
  • The WeatherPixie - Displays current weather for locations all over the weblogs world. The image shown changes with the current weblogs weather reports, shows daylight and current weather statistics.
  • Googlebox js - Easily add a Googlebox to any site.
  • BlogFuel - A free tool to help bloggers create tools and on the web affiliate links of various forms. tools The tool inserts its on the web own affiliate code on tools 2 out of 10 book entries.
  • iMood - Displays a graphic on your site that reflects your mood.
  • - Allows bloggers to post audio greetings and podcasts via their on the web telephone.
  • - Easy to use service to manage your links weblogs and buddy tools lists on your weblog.
  • AmazonBox - Show an Wishlist, Listmania list or Marketplace on the web on the web Seller list on your website using a small on the web on the web line of JavaScript.

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