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A comment system for weblogs that can be used as a remote commenting system or can be installed on any server with cgi capability and Perl.

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  • HaloScan - Free, easy to install weblog commenting system allowing commenting webmasters to receive feedback on their website.
  • DotComments - Server-side, requires PHP. Has its own support email list.
  • Tag-Board - Free message board for weblog webmasters wanting to weblogs communicate with users. Displays inline comments.
  • Reblogger - A comment system for weblogs that can be weblogs used as a remote commenting system or can weblogs be installed on any server with cgi capability weblogs and Perl.
  • Tag-World - A free tagboard system. Displays inline comments.
  • ZonkBoard - A free blabber board made specifically with weblogs commenting in mind.
  • co.mments - Uses a bookmarking system to track comments so users can follow their conversations across blogs.
  • LastHalo - Add-On for Haloscan users to display the latest commenting comments.
  • Cbox - Scalable tagging and commenting system that lets visitors tools leave you messages and talk to each other. tools Premium version has live chat capability.
  • YACCS - Free remotely-hosted commenting. Available in multiple languages and does weblogs not require JavaScript. Users can edit and delete posts, weblogs and ban IP addresses.
  • Remote DotComments - Remotely hosted commenting script.
  • DocumentRoot Weblog Tools - Free weblog commenter and counter tool.
  • PurpleBunny - Add your comments to the web page you are currently weblogs reading for others who come after you, and read comments weblogs from people who came before you.
  • Blogcomments - Free self-hosted commenting system with an ASP base. Layout can be customized using CSS.
  • Pollxn - A lightweight discussion engine for Blosxom and other commenting weblog/blogging applications. It lets people post comments commenting about your weblog stories right on your site.
  • BlogKomm - Free commenting script displays comments below posts rather than in pop-ups.
  • Tara Star's Script - Requires PHP. Notifies the weblog\\'s owner when new comments are posted.

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