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Personal content management assistant. Stores notes, ideas, and plans. Share ideas through Web journals and weblogs. Runs on Macintosh computers.

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  • MozBlog - Mozilla extension to enable in-browser publishing to sites implementing the Blogger API.
  • InstaBlog - A minimalistic weblog-by-IM tool written in Perl; requires only FTP access to the web server.
  • BloggerBot - A publishing gateway that allows users of AOL clients Instant Messenger weblogs to post to sites using Blogger.
  • WebPage Access - Web blogger software and services based in realtime.
  • Anconia RocketPost - Easy desktop blogging program for non-technical users. tools Compatible with tools Blogger, Movable Type, and standalone updating.
  • BlogniX - Native QT/XmlRpc-c based Linux blogging client.
  • BlogWorkz - Desktop client for Mac OS X for sites tools implementing the clients Blogger API.
  • Mod_blosxom - Module for Apache that builds a lightweight weblog clients environment. Functions in a similar manner to clients Blosxom.
  • Chronicle Lite - Free and easy front end to Blogger API clients compatible sites.
  • Blog Photo Diary - Moblogging client sends images from a phone directly weblogs to a Blogger API-powered site.
  • Chrysanth WebStory - A desktop weblog manager that enables users to post blogs clients to multiple hosts with only a single click. Built-in WYSIWYG clients editor plus spell checker.
  • blogBuddy - A Windows application for managing sites using weblogs or tools others that implement the Blogger API.
  • Qumana - Offline publishing tool. Links to a DropPad, then open to edit, tag and post to as many blogs as you want.
  • PowerBlog - Client tool for Windows. Uses Blogger API clients and offers weblogs other publishing mechanisms as well.
  • Ecto - Full-featured desktop client for Mac and Windows. Supports a wide variety of publishing tools.
  • Adminimizer Toolbar - Fully-featured HTML editor that works inside a web tools browser to tools update a weblog.
  • BlogPlanet - Moblogging client written in J2ME to run on mobile phones and Palm PDAs. Compatible with most weblog servers; photo functionality on select phones.
  • Eastgate Tinderbox - Personal content management assistant. Stores notes, ideas, and tools plans. Share ideas through Web journals and weblogs. tools Runs on Macintosh computers.
  • BlogJet - Desktop blogging application for Windows that supports all tools leading weblog weblogs services.
  • Azure - Free client for use with mobile phones and PDAs. weblogs Publishes to Movable Type sites.

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