Historical Dance Performing Arts

Organization dedicated to Western and non-Western dance history, with working groups in early dance and reconstruction. Includes information about publications and conferences, and links organized by subject.

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  • Società di Danza - Italian group dedicated to researching 19th century and performing arts historical dance. Includes information about balls and classes.
  • Plaisir Courtois - Dance group from Groningen, The Netherlands. Includes background dance information on performing arts Renaissance, Baroque and Viennese dance.
  • The Companie of Dansers - UK based company directed by Madeleine Inglehearn. Information about Baroque dance and Renaissance dance classes, hiring the company, and their publications.
  • Library of Congress: Dance Instruction Manuals - Facsimiles and SGML versions of social dance manuals from 1490 dance to 1920. Also includes video clips and an essay giving dance an overview of the collection.
  • Teatro Arcimboldo - Renaissance and baroque dance-theater ensemble based in Switzerland. dance Information about historical performances, classes and recordings.
  • Society of Dance History Scholars (SDHS) - Organization dedicated to Western and non-Western dance history, with working performing arts groups in early dance and reconstruction. Includes information about publications performing arts and conferences, and links organized by subject.
  • The Period Dance Group - The memories of a performing group formed at historical the University performing arts of Georgia in the 1970s.
  • Coranto - UK based group working on dance from medieval times to dance the late 18th century. Information about concerts, educational services, and dance publications.
  • Dance Through Time - Company that researches, preserves, presents, and educates the performing arts public dance about Western social dances from the 15th performing arts century to dance the present, based in San Francisco. performing arts Includes information about dance upcoming performances, and hiring the performing arts company for teaching or dance perfor
  • The Early Dance Consort - Based in Sydney, Australia. Offers classes and performances performing arts in Renaissance and Baroque dance.
  • Federica Calvino Prina - Italian dancer and teacher of renaissance and baroque dance. Information about future courses and performances.
  • MSN Learning & Research: Popular and Social Dance - From the early Middle Ages to the 1990s.
  • Choregraphie Antique - Dance history ensemble of Goucher College in Baltimore, historical Maryland. Performs dance ballroom dances of the 18th, 19th historical and early 20th century. dance Calendar of upcoming performances.
  • The Institute for Historical Dance Practice - Group based in Belgium that researches, performs and teaches dances historical from between 1450 and 1920. Information about associated performing groups, historical services, summer schools and classes.
  • We Make History - Organizes Colonial, Regency and Victorian dance events throughout the Southwestern performing arts United States. Site provides information about upcoming balls, and introductions performing arts to the etiquette and clothing of each period.
  • The Calendar of Historical Dance - Upcoming events including classes, summer schools, performances and balls. Plus, historical links organized by country, period and type, facsimiles of early historical 18th-century choreographies from the Library of Congress, and photos.
  • New York Historical Dance Company - Offers workshops and performances in 15th to early 20th century historical dance. Includes information about services and products for sale.
  • Dance History Teachers Discussion Group - Discussion archives, and information about subscribing.
  • Early Arts Guild of Victoria - Including Rippon Lea Renaissance and Baroque Dancers, and dance the Early historical Music Consort of Melbourne. Information about dance classes, performances and school historical programs. Australia.
  • ZeitenTanz - Association to promote historical dance in Austria, based in Vienna. dance Includes information about workshops and their Baroque dance summer school, dance and an overview of dance styles from the Renaissance to dance the early 19th century.
  • Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society - Society aiming to promote teaching, performance and research historical in European dance from the 15th to the historical 19th century. Includes information about the journal "Historical historical Dance", books, practice tapes, conferences, summer schools, and historical a list of dance
  • Oxford Historical Dance Society - Runs one-day workshops in different dance styles. Information about workshops dance and membership.
  • Ken Pierce - Baroque and late Renaissance dancer and researcher. Includes papers, videos, and information about his summer workshop in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Early Dance Circle - Umbrella organization for early dance in the UK. Includes information about membership and events, and an overview of Western dance from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.
  • Saltatio Vitae - Czech performing group offering shows with historical and historical folkloric themes.
  • Yesteryears Dancers - American colonial to vintage dance performances and workshops. dance Includes information about upcoming events.
  • Nonsuch - History and dance company based in the UK. historical Information about performing arts classes, performance and education services, and historical books and tapes for performing arts sale.
  • Kickback - Based in the UK, Verna Wass teaches traditional dance and historical dance for schools and other groups: dance from medieval line dances to the 20th century. dance Also available for displays, ceilidhs and barn dances.
  • The Arbeau Dancers - Group based in West Yorkshire, UK, performing dances from the performing arts 14th to the 19th centuries. Information about programs.
  • Tapestry Historic Dance Ensemble - Performs dances from the late-15th to mid-19th centuries. dance Information about classes in the Philadelphia area, and dance background information on Renaissance, colonial, regency and Victorian dance dance.
  • Capering & Kickery - Blog by dance historians and reconstructors. Mainly covering performing arts the 19th and early 20th century. Includes articles, performing arts and links to social dance groups.
  • Hof-Dantzer - Dancers from Austria, Germany and the Netherlands whose repertoire includes baroque stage dance, domestic dance from the Biedermeier period, and ballroom dance from the Strauss era. Includes information about their CDs of dance music, and CD-ROM on baroqu
  • Earthly Delights - Music and dance band based in Canberra, Australia. performing arts Information performing arts about their instruments, performances, dance classes, dance performing arts history, dance performing arts terms, and some instructions for dances.
  • Lucretia - Czech group performing Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and folk performing arts dance. Includes information about performances available, and a performing arts photo gallery.

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