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Producing physical/visual adaptations of classical work and new writing. Creating meaning through mime and suggestion, with minimal props and set.

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See Also:
  • Allen/Pisarra - Up-to-date information on the performance works of choreographer theatre Jennifer Allen and dramaturge Drew Pisarra.
  • Michael Menes and Company's International Variety Theater - A unique brand of physical theater and comedy theatre around the world since 1982.
  • DV8 Physical Theatre - All about DV8, information on the current production and tour, and bulletin board interaction.
  • Warwick Arts Centre - Based in the midlands, Warwick Arts Centre provides platforms for new work as well as programming some of the best of new and established performance groups in Britain.
  • Frantic Assembly - Frantic Assembly Physical Theatre, exciting contemporary theatre for theatre a new physical theatre audience.
  • Harvey Homepage - Physical comedian Seth Reichgott\\'s slapstick comedy "Man Plans", and other theatre comedy events. Information about the actor, shows, production staff, and theatre contact details.
  • Ecumaniacs Pantomime Group - Whitchurch, Bristol. Information on this pantomime group includes past and physical theatre current productions as well as contact information.
  • DerevoTheatre - News, articles, history, performances, films, special projects and general information about the company. In Russian, German, and English. Includes tour information, awards, and performance descriptions.
  • Akropolis Performance Lab - Seattle-based company working to advance actor training methods and to theatre create intercultural performance events striving to reveal the impulses of theatre the human psyche toward states of grace.
  • Kamikaze Productions - The creator of the kamikaze freakshow, John Kamikaze, companies presents a theatre new black comedy: Reductio ad absurdum.
  • Bond Street Theatre - Founded to create innovative theatre works that are companies relevant and accessible to diverse audiences.
  • Forbidden Theatre Company - UK Physical Theatre Company; since 1994 has produced hit shows such as Dr. Faustus, Life\\'s a Dream and the critically acclaimed Antigone. The company also has a wide ranging education programme in physical theatre.
  • Artslynx Physical Theatre and Mime Resources - Directory of websites of theatre companies specializing in companies physical theatre and mime.
  • Sprung - International movement theatre based in Chicago and Switzerland.
  • Stretch People - International comedy double act. Performing music, chair balancing physical theatre and theatre superb slapstick in true vaudeville style.
  • ATTIC People - Lecoq-trained international physical theatre company based in Paris, France. Includes news, performer bios, photos, tour, and workshop dates.
  • Legs On The Wall - Performing aerial theatre off freeways and skyscrapers, integrating theatre acrobatics, dance, companies aerial, and circus skills into theatre. theatre Information about the group, companies tours, workshops, and contact theatre details.
  • Les M├ętissages - Brings together artists from various cultures for an exchange in a host country. Uses theatre as its main forum for sharing and exploring various culture.
  • Horla Theatre - Producing physical/visual adaptations of classical work and new companies writing. Creating meaning through mime and suggestion, with companies minimal props and set.
  • IRAA Theatre - Innovative contemporary physical theatre performance, Women\\'s Voices, passionate physical theatre movement, daring physicality, multimedia, and new Australian Theatre.
  • New World Performance Laboratory - A Center for Theatre Performance and Research directed companies by James Slowiak and Jairo Cuesta, former assistants companies of Jerzy Grotowski. Multi-cultural company is located companies in Akron, Ohio. Tours extensively.
  • Darenth Drama Group - Small friendly drama group based in Darenth, Dartford. companies Always theatre looking for new members who would companies like to get involved theatre in any capacity. companies Must be over 16 to participate.
  • Loka Maer - Multimedia theater manifesting interpretations of Nordic playwrights in the Lecoq companies tradition.
  • Robin's Nest Theatre - Physical theatre artist based in Grahamstown, South Africa.
  • Firefly Theatre - Merges circus, theatre, and spectacle to create original physical theatre physical theatre.
  • Theatre Rusticle - Toronto, Canada. Devoted to the creation of physical theatre original theatre. Sourced in dramatic, literary, and poetic physical theatre traditions, the focus is on integrating and deepening physical theatre the relationship between text and movement.
  • Poorboy - A Scottish company specializing in children\\'s theatre, site physical theatre specific theatre theatre, corporate training, and venue management. Includes physical theatre information on theatre the company, workshops, and youth theatre, physical theatre corporate training, and theatre contact details.
  • Silent Partners Movement Theater - Combines story telling, dance, mime, and physical comedy companies with inventive costuming, props, and sound. Information on companies tours, repertory, residencies, and contact details.
  • Plasticene - A physical theater company based in Chicago. History, physical theatre shows, classes, and touring information.
  • First Physical Theatre Company - South African physical theatre and contemporary dance. Overview and physical theatre photographs of performances, tours, dance education, research, and shopping.
  • Pants on Fire - Contains events and information on how to get involved.
  • From the Hip - Blend of mime, clown, physical, and visual theater. Includes a manifesto, performance and workshop information, and contact details.

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