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Travels to your location. The Academy abandons the outmoded mime stereotype, and introduces a fresh, true-to-life style that is relevant, funny, and touches the heart, while exemplifying the highest standards of performance techniques and precision.

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  • Companyia Katraska - A company in Barcelona featuring AcidClown, combining a mime and theater companies DJ exploring movement and sound.
  • Pontine Movement Theatre - Offers current performance series, tour schedule, educational program theater companies listings, artistic statement, ticket prices, and contact information.
  • Celebration Barn Theatre - Founded in 1972 by mime Tony Montanaro in South Paris, Maine, the Celebration Barn Theatre teaches mime, mask, movement, fight co-ordination, juggling, voice, acrobatics, clown and other aspects of theatrical performance.
  • American Academy of Mime - Travels to your location. The Academy abandons the mime outmoded mime mime stereotype, and introduces a fresh, true-to-life mime style that is relevant, mime funny, and touches the mime heart, while exemplifying the highest standards mime of performance mime techniques and precision.
  • Nowak's Theater - Waldemar Nowak from Poland is a top mime artist. He mime took a part in many festivals on the world.
  • T. Daniel Creations - Performers T. Daniel and Laurie Willets\\' creations of mime plays theater companies and mime as a visual interpretation of live music.
  • Portable Mime Theatre - In 1982 jugglers Michael Hirschbach and Christopher Majka theater companies joined theater companies with dancer/artist Kathy MacGillivray and mime Sherry-Lee theater companies Hunter, a theater companies former member of the Deaf theater companies theater companies Gypsy theater companies Mime Company to found theater companies Portable Mime Theatre.
  • Seattle Mime Theatre - Founded in 1977, tours throughout the United States theater companies and mime abroad and offers local school programs.
  • Magic Circle Mime Company - Duo that unites the concert orchestra with visual theater, performing mime with major orchestras across North America and internationally.
  • Princesses Peluches - International rural and urban street theater performance.
  • Discovery Mime Theatre - Husband and wife touring company offers a variety physical theatre of performances. Both have studied under Marcel Marceau physical theatre and are Artists-in-Residence at the University of South physical theatre Dakota.
  • High Hat Theatre - A movement-based theatre company specialising in outdoor performances mime and workshop projects, based in Hebden Bridge, West mime Yorkshire, UK.
  • Axis Theatre Company - Physical theatre entertainment for young people and family audiences in Canada and the US.
  • Michael Lee and Opus Mime - Professional, non-profit theatre company dedicated to creating and performing original physical theatre mime theatre works, educating, and furthering understanding and appreciation of physical theatre the art of mime.

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