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A web site about the development of mime in Hong Kong and dedicated to Hong Kong mime performer, Philip Fok.

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See Also:
  • Rob Reider - Clean family entertainment using time honored techniques offering universal understanding.
  • Dr. Tom's Semi-Silent Theatre - In an innovative blend of European style clowning, illusionary technique, mime and standup comedy, Dr. Tom presents mime as an accessible mime and vital art form.
  • Leabhart, Thomas - Professor of Theatre and Resident Artist at Pomona performers College in California. Presents his CV, performance performers photos and projects.
  • Rock Mime World - Carleton the Mime - A performer for over 30 years. Includes physical theatre a mime photo gallery, list of many past performances, physical theatre a description mime of types of concerts available, booking physical theatre and availability. mime Based in Illinois, USA.
  • BiLi - Theatre performer who blends traditional mime techniques with performers occasional performers use of Balinese and Venetian masks. performers Based in California.
  • Mark Wenzel - Maniacal mischiefmaker on the prowl. Whether before an performers audience of mime ten or ten thousand, everyone is performers included in his topsy-turvy mime world.
  • Bowers, Bill - Actor, mime and arts educator in the USA. performers Includes biography, resume, news and events.
  • Marcel Marceau Foundation - Marceau's upcoming activity and general information.
  • Boo, Eric - Comedy performer based on the language of the performers mime. performers Offers show details, gallery and biography. performers [Spanish/English/French]
  • Deanna - Professional mime in Florida available for trade shows, conventions, parties physical theatre and festivals with a variety of mime and speaking characters.
  • Richmond Shepard - Richmond Shepard started America\\'s first ensemble Mime troupe. performers He was mime trained by Alvin Epstein and Etienne performers Decroux, and has performed mime on over 100 television performers shows as a Mime.
  • Avital, Samuel - Brief biography of the founder of Le Centre performers Du Silence mime in Boulder, CO, USA.
  • EntsWeb - Directory of mime artists, both traditional white face physical theatre and physical theatre modern robotic.
  • La Frenie, Stephen - World of mime, physical theatre, mask, visual art mime and teaching mime techniques.
  • Hooded Mimes Kickn Faygo - Group of four, who perform little comedy acts in public mime and at some local shows.
  • Cyber-Tech - Robots, dummies, mimes, and living statues available for performers events.
  • Mime in Hong Kong - A web site about the development of mime mime in Hong physical theatre Kong and dedicated to Hong Kong mime mime performer, Philip Fok.
  • MimeTheatre - Giorgos Floros - Giorgos is a greek mime actor, living in Sweden and performers working all over the world.
  • Mime Central - Telling stories and reinforcing positive life style choices mime using comedy slapstick and pantomime in a non mime verbal, highly energetic format. Great for kids of mime all ages.
  • Roberts, Peter - UK artist, provides a brief background and current physical theatre projects.
  • Yanci - One-man shows and company productions are fusion of physical theatre acting, physical theatre pantomime, slapstick comedy, movement dance theatre, puppetry physical theatre and magic physical theatre illusions.
  • Sharon Hallingdal is The Living Doll - This Robot/Mime performer amazes audiences with her comedic character, "The performers Living Doll" at fairs and conventions throughout the US.

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