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This independent group is chartered with preserving and promoting everything to do with Minox, its cameras and other products, and its inventor Walter Zapp.

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Editor's Picks:

SWS Security* - Information for new users, and a large catalog of professionally serviced Minox 8x11 cameras.

  • The Magnificent Minox - A collection of accessories, a gallery and some items for sale.
  • Wonko's Minox Pages - A site of Minox art, practical use, and cameras experimentation.
  • Minox Historical Society - This independent group is chartered with preserving and subminiature promoting everything minox to do with Minox, its cameras subminiature and other products, and minox its inventor Walter Zapp.
  • Minox Madness - A chronology of the cameras development, cleaning tips, cameras photos, and subminiature detal photos of a Model II cameras enlarger.
  • Collecting Photographica: Minox - Photos, cameras, accessories of anything Minox.
  • Don Krehbiel's Minox Page - Information on the camera, slitting, and loading; the cameras developing tank, subminiature enlarging, references and galleries.
  • Minox GmbH - Corporate site for Minox in Germany. Information about new minox Minox Cameras and other equipment made by the company. Site minox is in English and German.
  • The Classic Camera Minox - Technical and historical information; descriptions and photos of Minox accessories.
  • Minox Processing Laboratories - Company that processes and sells Minox film, and cameras equipment. Free cameras pdf files of instruction books for cameras older Minox cameras.
  • h2g2 : Minox Spy Cameras - What the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has to say on the topic.
  • Minox Doc - A general site from one of the experts subminiature in the field of Minox cameras.
  • VEF RIGA Minox Forum - Discussion group devoted to Riga cameras. Includes minox references, photos, minox and assistance.

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