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An international lomo-event lasting the whole year 2000. More than 20 lomographers take self portraits every day, the result will be presented as a huge lomo wall in 2001.

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Lomographic Society International* - Originator and propagator of the lomo philosophy. A massive community of lomographers everywhere who together comprise a lomographic portrait of our world.

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  • Lomo-Beauty-2000 - An international lomo-event lasting the whole year 2000. techniques and styles More than 20 lomographers take self portraits every techniques and styles day, the result will be presented as a techniques and styles huge lomo wall in 2001.
  • Marc's Lomopage - Photograph gallery, free to use javascript image randomizer, lomography assembled panoramas, techniques and styles and specials.
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  • Lomo Spain - Spanish fans of the lomo camera.

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