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  • - Offers free Internet services and a radio portal industry to resources for presenters and people wanting to industry get into radio. Includes links to show prep, industry directories and other resources.
  • The National Association of Broadcasters - NAB - Serves radio and television broadcasters with representation on Capitol Hill radio along with serving the all electronic media industries with education radio and world-class conventions and expositons.
  • About Radio - guide to the radio industry, including hosts, arts shows, stations, and the latest news.
  • Bob Harper & Co. - Broadcast research and consulting.
  • KK Broadcast Engineering - provides broadcast engineering services in mid-Tennessee and north Alabama; includes industry transmitter site, studio site and contract engineering services, maintenance and industry construction.
  • Fox Interactive Consultants - A web design and online consulting company for arts radio stations.
  • All Access Music Group - An online daily source of news, new music, artist information, radio programming tips, show prep, and related music and radio links.
  • - Offers radio broadcast automation systems for stations and Internet broadcasting
  • Radio Connection - A training network of over 15,000 industry members who own and operate major recording studios, record companies, radio and TV stations.
  • BNetRadio - An Internet-only pop rock format station targeted at radio the professional industry broadcast industry.
  • Bay Country - Quality used radio broadcast equipment.
  • J.M. Stitt and Associates, Inc. - Offers engineering services to broadcasters, including facility design industry and installation, industry consulting, contract engineering, and tower site industry development and management.
  • ByrnesMedia - Assists radio stations to attract and retain listeners, industry coach on-air and programming staff to be more industry successful, and build listener loyalty.
  • Songpeople - Mechanism for a closed broadcast industry survey. Requires users to radio register and to respond to periodic music, TV and entertainment radio surveys, used to measure regional preferences.
  • New Radio Star - Radio news and online trade magazine for the radio radio record industry business.
  • Canadian Broadcast Directory - Gives links to Canadian radio and TV station arts web pages, arts broadcast engineering companies, other engineering sites arts and equipment suppliers.
  • Median Strip - New Zealand's radio and recording magazine.
  • MegaPrep - Daily prep service, with a nationwide network of radio top radio personalities sharing their best ideas.
  • Academy of Radio and Television Broadcasting - Broadcast training for radio and television.
  • On The Job Training in Radio, Film, and Recording - A non-profit service pairing students with industry professionals industry to provide arts mentoring in radio-tv, recording engineering and industry film production.
  • Radio & Records - Weekly newspaper providing the radio and recording industries industry with the very latest in news, sales, marketing industry innovations, and airplay data.
  • BE Radio - Delivers technical information to corporate management / engineering and operations, radio and station management at radio stations and recording studios
  • Audio Graphics - Services for radio advertisers, radio advertising sales and advertising agencies, arts using the Internet to support broadcast advertisements.
  • Alyx Antenna Guide - Shortwave broadcast antenna information, antenna articles and links industry to manufacturers.
  • American Broadcasting School - Campuses in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Arlington, offering industry radio training, practice student Webcasts, and student-produced streaming industry entertainment.
  • Broadcast Net - A coalition of professional broadcast industry equipment manufacturers, radio distributors and arts related services providers.
  • Ken R - A full range of contemporary radio IDs and commercials, plus re-sings of the original PAMS classic jingles.
  • Broadcast Marketing Group - Internet Marketing designed to interact with listsners to industry drive radio industry ratings.
  • Americans for Radio Diversity - News, information and resources from advocacy organization favoring industry broader public participation in radio and low-power radio industry broadcasting, and opposed to industry consolidation.
  • North East RadioWatch - News of radio industry in the northeast US, arts including The Boston Radio Archives.
  • MediaTracks - Producer of syndicated radio public affairs programming, and a leader in radio and audio services for the public relations industry.
  • TDP - Shortwave Transmitter Airtime - TDP rents airtime on shortwave radio transmitters to radio a worldwide radio audience.
  • Krud Radio - An in-your-face look at the inside workings of arts commercial radio arts in the United States.
  • MusicMaster - Maintain your music inventory and schedule playlists.
  • RadioEarth - Large directory of links, including industry news and radio show preparation industry resources.
  • Ozmon Media - Radio air personality development, customized and by radio seminars.
  • Radio2000 Software - The Digital Juke Box - Offers radio broadcast automation systems for stations and industry Internet broadcasting industry and also software for mobile DJ industry operations.
  • Fixtronix - Broadcast maintenance specialists based in Ireland.

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