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A collection of parodic Buffy and Angel series adaptations of popular and classic songs, stories, poems, and prayers by the denizens of The Buffista Phoenix message board.

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The BtVS Writer's Guild* - This author's hub provides general writing resources and showcases sites targeted to writers of specific genres, pairings, and characters from both Buffy and Angel.

  • Pure_Buffy - A mailing list for gen and het stories of R fan works rating or lower.
  • GeekGirlz-Rus - Work by Sharon Jane, Dr. Dana, and Chris buffy the vampire slayer Geary-Durrill. Includes primarily Buffy fan fiction and crossovers, buffy the vampire slayer with some original stories in a variety of buffy the vampire slayer genres.
  • Fanfiction by Keswindhover - Stories place emphasis on the Buffybot, but other characters also are represented.
  • Deadly Concoctions - Archive of primarily gen stories by Saileyn and fan works other fan works authors.
  • Willow and Tara: A Fanfiction Site - Features Willow and Tara fan fiction in Word format, forum, picture gallery and artwork.
  • - A site dedicated to keeping Buffy the Vampire buffy the vampire buffy the vampire slayer slayer Slayer and Angel alive through virtual continuations consisting buffy the buffy the vampire slayer vampire slayer of screenplays with complimentary fanart.
  • Boca del Infierno - Alix Aadler\\'s stories focus on the Buffy series fan fiction with some Angel and original characters. Also find fan fiction reviews and recommendations of authors and resource sites.
  • Buffy Stories - A searchable directory of Buffy and Angel series fan fiction fiction, it includes tools for users to add fan fiction story links and to review listed stories.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fiction List Archive Page - Manual index to the FTP archive for the now-defunct, story fan works mailing list.
  • Yahoo! Groups: ActionBuffyandAngel - A mailing list for stories from both series, where the focus is on active plot rather than relationships. (Yahoo registration required.)
  • William the Bloody - The Watcher, Lydia\\'s, thesis, with complete footnotes and buffy the vampire fan works slayer bibliography.
  • Through the Looking-glass - Large archive of Willow/Tara fanfics of multiple genres buffy the vampire fan fiction slayer and settings. Site also features fan art, buffy the fan fiction vampire slayer wallpapers, and resources.
  • Laure's BtVS FanFic Links - A directory of story archives, author sites, and a few general fan sites for both the Buffy and Angel series.
  • Halo Awards - Biannual story awards with web-based nomination and links to nominees and winners.
  • Daydreams of BtVS - An archive of stories rated PG-13 or lower. fan fiction Includes fan works character bios, some episode reviews, and a fan fiction picture gallery.
  • Just Fade Away--A Buffy RP - A great Buffy Roleplay. You can rp a buffy the vampire buffy the vampire slayer slayer character from the show, such as Willow, or buffy the buffy the vampire slayer vampire slayer Xander, or you can make your own!
  • Vampire Seasons - Collection of post-episode fan fiction based on Buffy buffy the vampire slayer the Vampire Slayer Season 6.
  • The Plymslayer Chronicles - Set in Plymouth, the chronicle follows the adventures fan works of fan fiction a slayer and her friends. Also fan works the home fan fiction of the Plymslayer online roleplaying forums.
  • Semby's Btvs and Ats Fanfic Site - Semby\\'s Buffy and Angel fanfic site, mainly B/A fan fiction and genfic.
  • Red's Hidden Crypt - Stories and links featuring the Willow and Angel buffy the vampire fan fiction slayer pairing.
  • Destiny - The Virtual Series - Destiny is a virtual television series that chronicles buffy the vampire buffy the vampire slayer slayer the stories of Dawn Summers three years after buffy the buffy the vampire slayer vampire slayer Sunnydale was sucked into the Hellmouth.
  • Jaded Roze's Realm - M. Jade\\'s stories and poems about both the fan fiction Buffy fan fiction and Angel series. Includes links, fiction recommendations, fan fiction a glossary, fan fiction and the author's bio and weblog.
  • Buffy's Realm Fan Fiction Archive - Archives primarily alternate universe, original character, and crossover buffy the vampire slayer stories, including Angel, Charmed, Evil Dead, Star Trek, buffy the vampire slayer Star Wars, X-Files, and Xena. Also offers poetry, buffy the vampire slayer show and cast trivia, links, and the Moon buffy the vampire slayer Awards.
  • Stumble Into Grace - Kristi Allen\\'s (aka bashipforever) Buffy fanfiction site. Contains fan works mostly buffy the vampire slayer Buffy/Angel and Spike/Dawn stories.
  • BattleKitten's Dimension - BattleKitten's BtVS and Ats fanfiction.
  • Fanfic Authors United (FAN) - This directory of authors from The Watcher\\'s Diary fan works message board includes contact information, links, and a fan works small selection of stories and challenges.
  • Dark City Fan Fiction - Personal site for author Leann. Includes fan fan fiction fiction for Willow/Tara in both alternate universe and fan fiction show-based stories. Features videos, wallpapers, and other fan fiction media.
  • Buffista Filk - A collection of parodic Buffy and Angel series adaptations of buffy the vampire slayer popular and classic songs, stories, poems, and prayers by the buffy the vampire slayer denizens of The Buffista Phoenix message board.
  • The First's Journal - The comedic online diary of The First Evil.
  • Love Bite - Vegan4Vampires\\' BtVS/Angel and crossover fanfiction, including the pairings: fan works Spike/Dawn, Spike/Willow, Spike/Faith, Pre-ChipSpike/VampWillow and Wesley/Cordelia.
  • Slayersville Fan Fiction Archive - Offers Buffy, Angel, and crossover stories. Includes a buffy the vampire buffy the vampire slayer slayer fiction submission form, update mailing list, and links.
  • Yahoo! Groups: ChosenDevotion - Members post stories and discussion focusing on the buffy the vampire slayer relationship between Buffy and Giles. [Yahoo! registration required.]
  • Lydia's Diary - The journal of a Watcher in training.
  • Magical Vengeance - Mailing list devoted to the pairing of Willow buffy the vampire slayer and Anya. Includes stories up to R rating.

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