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A band of seven outlaws takes over a spaceship and uses it to fight a corrupt galactic federation. Produced in the UK by Terry Nation, the series starred Gareth Thomas and Paul Darrow.

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Editor's Picks:

Louise and Simons Blake's 7 Fan Site* - Dedicated to the 1970s/1980s BBC series. Contains discussion forum, episode guides, character information, conventions, pictures, and instructions on how to make a Liberator hand gun with household items.

  • Blake's 7 World - Episode guide, cast and character information, message board, science fiction and science fiction and fantasy fantasy and trivia.
  • The Blake's 7 Mailing List FAQ - Information about the list.
  • A Blake's 7 Library - A varied collection of material salvaged from the b AOL B7 b library before it closed.
  • Blake's Seven Episode Guide - Original TV transmission and video release dates, as b well information science fiction and fantasy on cast and crew.
  • - Contains episode guide, images, sound bites, articles and blake\'s 7 interviews, blake's 7 and an encyclopedia of the show.
  • The Blake's 7 Files - Scripts, sound files, pictures, episode guides, and news science fiction and science fiction and fantasy fantasy on the cast.
  • Link Page to Blake's 7 Novelized Transcripts - The first ten episodes are available in a b novel-type format.
  • Lysator's FTP Archive for Blake's 7 - Stories posted from the mailing list.
  • Blake's 7 ( - Includes news, fan fiction, conventions, episode guides, and b pictures.
  • Horizon, A Blake's 7 Fan Club - Offers details of how to join, cast news, newsletter information, convention information, and merchandise.
  • Adzie's Blake's 7 - Gallery of fan art featuring spacecraft from the science fiction and blake's 7 fantasy series in flight.
  • Aquitar: A Blake's 7 Fan Club - Message board for discussion of individual episodes and science fiction and blake's 7 fantasy the series as a whole.
  • Blake's 7 Guide: BBC SF Series - Analysis of the show with episode guide, character blake\'s 7 studies, science fiction and fantasy pictures, fan art, and list of available blake's 7 series-related merchandise.
  • Redemption - Includes reports and photos from the 2001 Babylon blake\'s 7 5/Blake\\'s 7 convention in Ashford, England. Also contains blake\'s 7 information on plans for the 2003 convention.
  • Blake's 7: A Line Through the Pattern of Infinity - Article analyzing the series in light of a science fiction and fantasy poll naming it the best British program.
  • Blake's 7 Web Ring - Lists sites related to the series.
  • Blake's 7: The Episode Guide - Database-driven. Includes synopses, cast information, and frame grabs.
  • Blake's 7 - Provides an episode guide and cast list.
  • Blake's 7 Web Site - Information on cast and characters, space vehicles, plot science fiction and science fiction and fantasy fantasy goofs, equipment, trivia, and pictures.

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