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A virtual tour of Amanda's house, complete with images and sounds. Has information on actors and Immortals from the series.

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Mother of All Highlander Links* - Directory of sites with content related to the series and the films.

  • Amanda's Manor - Actor news, character profiles, information on the Watchers and the science fiction and fantasy Rules of the Game, and a shrine to deceased friends science fiction and fantasy of Duncan MacLeod.
  • Highlander The Series - Episode summaries, character information, beginner\\'s guide to the show, and science fiction and fantasy images.
  • Highland Homeland - Photos of and information about locations where the highlander series was h filmed.
  • Jinjifore's Land of Highlander Synopses - Contains episode reviews of the series.
  • Highlander Watcher Database - Includes character and actor biographies, timelines, sounds, Watcher history, and images.
  • The Highlander A-Z - Series encyclopedia that includes timeline, episode guide, who\\'s highlander who of Immortals, and information on all the highlander places Duncan MacLeod has traveled.
  • Highlander Universe - Includes a photo gallery, montage collection, a timeline, science fiction and highlander fantasy a message board, and links.
  • Jeff's Highlander Page - Episode and character guides, Watcher timeline, reviews of the novels, and fan fiction.
  • Highlander Gallery - Pictures of the stars in thumbnail-formatted galleries.
  • Highlander: A No Holds Barred Fan Fix Dojo - Contains essays and fan fiction featuring crossovers with highlander anime.
  • TV.com: Highlander - Contains cast and crew information, an episode guide and viewer h comments.

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