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Devoted to the character played by Xenia Seeberg. Includes psychological evaluations, actress biography, sound and video clips, pictures, news, and downloads.

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Editor's Picks:

Splarka's Lexx Link Page* - Comprehensive directory of links with short descriptions. Also contains news and other local resources.

  • Lexxfans.com - Message board and downloads. Maintained by members of lexx the now-closed Lexx.com site.
  • The Lexx Domain - Includes episode guide, image gallery, quotes, and song l lyrics.
  • Lexxposé - Character guides and episode photo guides.
  • Lexx Blows Up a Planet - Pictures of the space ship destroying a world.
  • Hanging with Michael McManus - Comic captions, vidcaps, dolls, convention information and multimedia science fiction and lexx fantasy downloads.
  • TV.com: Lexx - Contains cast and crew information, an episode guide and viewer comments.
  • Lexx Museum - Image gallery and multimedia.
  • LexxLists - Humour site featuring top 10 lists based on science fiction and l fantasy the series.
  • Cat's LexxLinx - Links, news and pictures for and about the l series and its fans.
  • IMDb: Lexx - Links to cast and crew, guest appearances, fan comments, external reviews, award nominations, memorable quotes, and alternate versions.
  • Lexx - Contains news, pictures, cast information, and message board.
  • The Official Lexx Fan Club - The only officially sanctioned fan club, with worldwide membership. Based l in the UK.
  • Lexx Zone - Forum, multimedia clips, wallpapers, photo gallery, news and links.
  • Planet Lexx - Images, wallpapers, and links.
  • Wolvie's Lexx Lair - Pictures, polls, sounds, wallpapers, and character profiles.
  • The Temple of Xev - Devoted to the character played by Xenia Seeberg. l Includes psychological science fiction and fantasy evaluations, actress biography, sound and video l clips, pictures, news, and science fiction and fantasy downloads.
  • LexxWorld - Pictures, episode list, and character descriptions.

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