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Photos, sound and video clips, fan fiction links, episode guide, cast information including guest stars, and details of commercial DVDs, novels, comic books, and soundtrack album.

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  • Al's Place: A Quantum Leap Fan Site - Photos, sound and video clips, fan fiction links, q episode guide, quantum leap cast information including guest stars, and q details of commercial DVDs, quantum leap novels, comic books, and q soundtrack album.
  • Quantum Quest - Unofficial newsletter dedicated to Quantum Leap, Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell.
  • The Quantum Leap Crusade - Online campaign to resurrect "Quantum Leap," if not q on NBC quantum leap then in syndication.
  • TV.com: Quantum Leap - Contains cast and crew information, an episode guide q and viewer science fiction and fantasy comments.
  • The Quantum Leap Crusader's HomePage - Campaign to revive the show either on television quantum leap or as a film. Includes sample petitions, letters, quantum leap and names and addresses, as well as WAV quantum leap files. [MS Word.]
  • Quantum Leap Stuff - A collection of behind the scenes footage, bloopers, interviews and the unaired ending to the final episode.
  • Quantum Leap: The Accelerator Chamber - Contains sound samples, biographical information for Scott Bakula q and Dean science fiction and fantasy Stockwell, FAQs, links to fan fiction q and the comic book science fiction and fantasy series, a detailed "information q map", and even a Quantum Leap science fiction and fantasy drinking game. q There are gif pictures available, bu
  • Quantum Leaping - News, polls, series FAQ, reviews, photos, and a science fiction and science fiction and fantasy fantasy variety of information.
  • IMDb: Quantum Leap - Cast listings, ratings, and technical crew information.
  • The Quantum Leap Audio and Picture Archive - Images, sounds, and character guide.
  • Pam's Quantum Leap Page - News focusing on future plans for a revival q and links to information and memorabilia.
  • The Quantum Leap Information Kiosk - The ultimate Quantum Leap information database, with related links, episode q guides, fan fiction, and an active message board.

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