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FAQ, episode list, character profiles, message board, sounds, and RealPlayer download of the opening sequence. Also includes information about a proposed movie based on the series.

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  • Ian Trencher's Red Dwarf Tribute - FAQ, episode list, character profiles, message board, sounds, science fiction and fantasy and RealPlayer download of the opening sequence. Also science fiction and fantasy includes information about a proposed movie based on science fiction and fantasy the series.
  • The First Church of Smeg - Series overview and character information.
  • IMDb: Red Dwarf - Includes cast and production company details, series overview, science fiction and r fantasy and airdates.
  • Greg the Smeg's Red Dwarf Quotes - Variety of dialogue snippets from episodes.
  • Nicks Red Dwarf Page - Information, pictures, and links.
  • Hands Up, All Those Who Are Alive - Fans vote on a variety of issues related to the science fiction and fantasy series.
  • Red Dwarf Plot Inconsistancies Project - A list of continuity and production errors from red dwarf the red dwarf series.
  • Absolute Guide Remit - News, timeline of the program\\'s development, information on the cast r and crew, selected quotations and pen-pals.
  • The Short Crimson Page - News on the program, behind the scenes information, facts, trivia, r character profiles, and reviews of series 7 and 8.
  • Silicon Hell - News, transcripts, fan fiction, polls, and information on r books, videos, and ships featured in the series.
  • Leopard's Red Dwarf - Information on characters, cast, crew and vessels, fan red dwarf fiction, red dwarf selected quotations and synopses of the Red red dwarf Dwarf novels.
  • Sierra's Red Dwarf Smegginsults Page - A list of insults from the first five series.
  • Better Than Life - Images, sounds, scripts and links, with information on science fiction and fantasy the show's cast, crew and production history.
  • TV Comedy Database: Red Dwarf - Includes cast and production information, episode list, quotes, science fiction and r fantasy and video releases.
  • Smegweb - Red Dwarf documentation, and links.
  • Totally Red Dwarf - Cast information, full series episode guides, cast galleries, red dwarf and science fiction and fantasy upcoming news.
  • Red Dwarf: Home of the Smegheads - Images, sounds, directives, and list of insults.
  • Sean's Red Dwarf Page - Series 1 episode guide, image gallery and links to items of interest to Red Dwarf fans.
  • Total Red Dwarf - Episode guide, pictures, scripts, sounds, games and polls.
  • Back in the Red - Provides articles, fan fiction, news items and games, r with convention science fiction and fantasy reports, book and DVD reviews, and r details of cast members\' science fiction and fantasy other projects.
  • Misc. Useful Red Dwarf Entertainment Resource - Comparison of original and remastered episodes, scripts, fan-fiction, and discussions science fiction and fantasy of unresolved issues in the series.
  • Red Dwarf Online - Official site hosted by Grant Naylor Productions. Includes science fiction and fantasy news, games, episode guide, airtimes, commentary, image galleries, science fiction and fantasy FAQs, and news about a proposed movie.
  • The Small Rouge One - Episode poll, news and rumors, quiz, and interviews.
  • Red Dwarf - The Other Movie - Reports on a fan-created film, with images, sounds, r and videoclips.
  • Lamars Red Dwarf Planet Smeg - Sounds, videos, space corp directives, and pictures.
  • The Red Dwarf Domain - Includes pictures, sounds, banners, an episode list, space corps directives, science fiction and fantasy links, and song lyrics.
  • BigBlake - Contains news items, cast appearances in other shows, red dwarf tips on how to access DVD easter eggs, red dwarf an episode guide and links.
  • Red Dwarf - Series overview and character guide.
  • Red Menace - Brief pictorial crossover between the Red Dwarf and Star Wars r cast.
  • Red Dwarf Universe - Offers news and information on the series, character profiles, quotes science fiction and fantasy and lyrics, an episode guide, images, sound files and games.
  • The Red Dwarf Food & Drink Guide - A list of edible things mentioned, eaten, or imbibed on red dwarf the series.
  • Red Dwarf Unofficial - Includes sounds, images, FAQ, episode guide, links r and information science fiction and fantasy on merchandise.
  • Red Dwarf Smeg Outs - Lists of continuity errors and plot inconsistencies from the program.
  • Better Than Life Red Dwarf Site - Sounds, images, and e-cards.
  • Larrys Red Dwarf Homepage Xtended - News, movie information, original games and quizzes, scripts, red dwarf pictures, science fiction and fantasy song lyrics, and character profiles.
  • Red Dwarf USA - Scripts and casting information from the ill fated Red Dwarf r USA project.
  • DJs World of Red Dwarf and Other Britcoms - Pictures, episode list, news, videos, sounds, and songs.
  • BBC Red Dwarf Minisite - Official network site for the show. Includes video clips, series science fiction and fantasy overview, cast information, commentary, quizzes, downloads, and quote generator.
  • The Jupiter Mining Corporation - Includes time lines, biographies, FAQ, quiz, vehicle descriptions, r and links.
  • Rimmster's Red Dwarf Pages - Images, character profiles, information on PBS campaigns and r poll.
  • Nirvanah's Red Dwarf Corner - Archives from a now-defunct mailing list, including fan red dwarf fiction, science fiction and fantasy poetry, jokes, quotes, and trivia.

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