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Extensive first season fan fiction devoted to Bridger/Westphalen. Site also includes the 'scripts' for every first season episode, including the pilot movie.

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See Also:
  • seaWolf ASV - Virtual episodes that portray a new crew and seaquest a new vessel fighting a war between the seaquest UEO and Macronesia.
  • Tigger's Fanfic Page - Crossover between seaQuest and Hitchhikers Guide to the seaquest Universe entitled, fan fiction "A Dolphins Guide to Hitchhikers."
  • seaQuest 2047 - Crossroads - An original web series inspired by the television show.
  • Bridger's Folly - Focus is on romantic-adventures between Captain Nathan Bridger s and Kristin Westphalen, by Shalee.
  • Liz's World - Extensive first season fan fiction devoted to Bridger/Westphalen. Site s also includes the \\'scripts\\' for every first season episode, including s the pilot movie.
  • Cilyna's seaQuest - Links to various fan fiction sites.
  • Akira's Ungraceful SeaQuest Page - One fan fiction story needs to be downloaded. fan fiction Site seaquest offers history and timeline for new characters.
  • The Chez JJ Fan Fiction Library - Includes the \\'My Heart Will Go On\\' series fan fiction and the \\'Aislinn MacMurdo Chronicles\\' featuring romance/adventure with fan fiction Lt. Tim O'Neil.
  • The Next Generation of seaQuest - Story crosses the Star Trek and seaQuest universes. s Focus is on two Captains of different ships.
  • Rianna and Mo: seaQuest Archives - 22 stories focusing on Lucas, Ortiz, Tim, and other cast seaquest members, some ELF.
  • Cindy's Fanfiction - 1st season. Romantic focus on Hitchcock and Ford.
  • Lillandra's: W.S.K.R.S View - Eight stories placed in second season, featuring Ortiz seaquest and/or Brody. seaquest One preview of a story in seaquest progress.
  • Phoenix Place: Roy's Roles - Fiction based on the many roles that Roy fan fiction Scheider seaquest has played, including Captain Nathan Bridger. fan fiction Stories focus seaquest on season one and the relationship fan fiction between Bridger and seaquest Westphalen.
  • seaFury ASV: Enter the Storm - Online fan series inspired by the TV show. Includes pictures seaquest and news.
  • Defiant - Never To Yield - A fan fiction series which uses the series timeline with the writer\\'s own spin on what he thinks is in the future.
  • ELF Command - Over 120 stories by different authors, primarily ELF seaquest (Evil Lucas Fans), some with ratings, many humorous, seaquest and featuring all three seasons.

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