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Lists episodes in which the character smiles or laughs. Includes a shrine to the episode Irresistible and a list of Mulderisms and Scullyisms.

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Order of the Blessed St. Scully the Enigmatic (OBSSE)* - News, reviews, episode guide, games, recipes, and WAV sounds.

  • Smilin' Scully - Lists episodes in which the character smiles or characters laughs. Includes characters a shrine to the episode Irresistible characters and a list of characters Mulderisms and Scullyisms.
  • Cream, No Sugar - Images organized according to the character\'s activities and characters moods.
  • Dana Scully: The Woman and the Role Model - Includes character profile, quotes, and news.
  • Hang Scully - Hangman game based on quotes from the character.
  • The Scullywags - Manipulated images and short fan fiction. Also includes sections for other characters.
  • Slice of a Scalpel - Celebrates the character\\'s skills as a forensic pathologist. characters Includes analysis, image gallery, episode reviews, and quotes.
  • WebRing: Scully Appreciation Society - Lists sites dedicated to the character.
  • Dana Scully at the X Cafe - Image gallery, character and actress biographies, and postcards.

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