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Episode listing in an easily digestible table format. Cataloged by director and writer and including a compilation of ratings from various reviewers, guide gets a bit patchy from season five onwards.

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Inside The X: X-Files Episode Transcripts Archive* - Complete and detailed list of transcripts for every episode. Most transcripts are also available in PDF format.

  • CampusNut.com: X-Files Episode Guide - Reviews of season eight episodes with a bias towards David Duchovny.
  • Conspiracy Theory - Detailed summaries through season 6 and part of episode guides season episode guides 7. Includes credits and WAV sounds.
  • Pazsaz Entertainment Network: X-Files Episode Guide - Complete episode listing.
  • Al's X-Files Page - Brief episode guide, with air dates, writers and x-files, the directors x-files, the and short descriptions, finishing up with season x-files, the seven.
  • Hu's Episode Guides - The X-Files - Cast and crew details, with a brief synopsis x on each episode guides episode. Complete up until season seven.
  • Episode List: The X-Files - Episode list and synopsis of all seasons. PlotTracker episode guides tool enables cross reference of characters and plot episode guides lines.
  • XUK6 - Brief listing of seasons 1-5, with a sixth episode guides season episode guides episode guide that includes pictures, links and episode guides commentary.
  • Generation Terrorists X-Files Quotes - Quotes up to season six.
  • Complete X-Files Episode Guide - Episode listing in an easily digestible table format. episode guides Cataloged x by director and writer and including a episode guides compilation of x ratings from various reviewers, guide gets episode guides a bit patchy x from season five onwards.
  • Phil's X-File Page - Brief episode listing for the first four seasons.
  • ezri's X-Files site - General X-Files site with brief episode guide to x-files, the all seasons. Also included is a small gallery.
  • Red Wolf's X-Files Episode Guide - Summaries, quotes and a crosslinked cast list for the entire series through to season seven.
  • The X-Files Episode Guide - Searchable database with detailed synopses of all episodes episode guides that have aired in the UK, including cast episode guides and crew information and US and UK airdates.

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