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Emoticons (emotional icons) are used to compensate for the inability to convey voice inflections, facial expressions, and bodily gestures in written communication

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  • Emoticons Article - Online culture\\'s foremost contribution to either the evolution smileys of language or the death of literacy, depending smileys on your point of view.
  • Robert's Smiley Guide - Selection of text smileys. Click on the happy face to see the text smileys.
  • Yahoo Groups: Emoticons - Email list about how emoticons are useful.
  • Emoticons or Smileys - A sequence of ordinary characters you can find smileys on your ascii art computer keyboard. Emoticons are used in smileys e-mail and other forms ascii art of communication.
  • Gmail: Help Center - Emoticons - List of emoticons available to use with Gmail.
  • Webopedia - emoticon - This page describes the term emoticon and lists smileys other pages smileys on the web where you can smileys find additional information.
  • Guardian Unlimited: Emoticons - Article by Sam Mohun. Published on the 20th smileys anniversary of ascii art the smiley.
  • Smiley's People - Neal Stephenson's anti-smiley screed from The New Republic.
  • The First Smiley :-) - Smiley history, includes the original 1982 post introducing the smiley.
  • NetLingo: Smileys and Emoticons - Online directory to look up words, acronyms, smileys, ASCII art, whatever you don't understand.
  • Helwig's Smiley Dictionary - Built on December, 1994 from another smiley page.
  • WYSIWYG - Joan\\'s collection of emoticons and acronyms. These one smileys line faces are truly the most primitive of smileys ASCII art and have been around the Internet smileys for years.
  • Fast Company: Wipe That Smile off Your Face - Linguist, Naomi Baron, predicts that abbreviations will replace emoticons and that electronic communication will grow increasingly cryptic as groups develop their own secret codes.
  • User Friendly - Editorial on the use of emoticons.
  • Smilies Unlimited - Search the smiley faces database for the best face.
  • Common Emoticons and Acronyms - Emoticons (emotional icons) are used to compensate for the inability to convey voice inflections, facial expressions, and bodily gestures in written communication
  • Canonical Smiley List - Compiled list of smileys and one line ASCII art.
  • Sharpened: Emoticons - A list of emoticons used in email, online chat, and instant messaging.
  • FastCompany: He Seconds That Emotion - Article about Scott Fahlman and emoticon use. Fahlman is the ascii art originator of the "emotional icon," or "emoticon".
  • ChatMag: Smileys - A selection of smileys used in IRC and Internet chat ascii art rooms.
  • - Expressing emotion in email correspondence. Directory and newsletter.
  • Online Smiley Faces and Emoticons - A collection of smiley faces used in Internet visual arts messages including the specific ones used in Yahoo visual arts messenger chat application.
  • Learn the Net: Smileys - You can personalize your written messages by using visual arts smileys smileys or emoticons. You create smileys by typing visual arts characters from smileys your keyboard.
  • Computer Geek Emoticons - Emoticons are ASCII (plain text) graphics. To read these, tilt smileys your head to the left until the dots look like smileys a pair of eyes. (BTW, the noses are optional.)
  • Smiley's Collection - This page was made to show all the smileys types of smileys there are in the world smileys (or close to it or not even close smileys to it). There are a whole bunch of smileys smileys listed below and a description of what smileys it is.
  • Smiley Lore :-) - Scott E. Fahlman writes about how he started smileys smileys in text email.
  • Online Lingo - A secret foreign language of weird symbols. This list smileys of emoticons and abbreviations will help you talk the talk smileys of the online world.
  • Smileys and Emoticons - Recommended emoticons and smileys for email communication.
  • Smile! It's Contagious! - List of emoticons on a page with some smiley graphics.
  • The Smileys Server - Live smiley gallery and collection.
  • Smiley Faces - Written by PCLink's teacher GW.
  • What are Emoticons? - An extensive list. Emoticons are ASCII glyphs originally visual arts designed smileys to show an emotional state in plain visual arts text messages.
  • Also known as Put on a Happy Face - Basic, rude and kissing smileys.
  • Emoticons - This website helps you to find out the meaning of several emoticons and smileys.
  • Star Trek Smileys - Star Trek smileys and emoticons. A short introduction smileys to smileys.
  • eHumor Central - Smilies and emoticons submitted by users. A few signature sized visual arts pictures too.
  • Smiley Dictionary: Emoticons - Vote for the top ten emoticons and check visual arts the smileys database.

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