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Choose from various emoticon smiley parts to create your own. Once you're done, right-click on the final image to save it.

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  • Thumbly - A dynamic emoticon.
  • - Smilies, emoticons and avatars, free to download.
  • - Free smileys resource for your MSN, MySpace, Forums web or AIM.
  • - Growing archive of static and animated smileys.
  • - Thousands of free smilies to use in your free emails, forums and blogs.
  • My Little Faces - Choose from various emoticon smiley parts to create your own. web Once you\\'re done, right-click on the final image to save web it.
  • Smiliez - Collection of smilies, animations, and website tools.
  • In Dust Real Plus - Collection of smiley graphics for use in chatting online.
  • Smilys by FlowerKitty - Artist collection for use on EZ Boards.
  • Smilys Net - Assorted smiley collection, free to download. Vote for favourites.
  • AIM Smileys Dictionary - Figure out what people really mean when they free send you web a smiley.
  • - Smileys, wallpaper, screensaver and a forum. English smilies and Dutch.
  • Frost Jedi Graemlin Creator - Create smilies to share with friends.
  • Emoticons 4 U - Provides emoticons and smilies for forums, emails, web sites and MSN.
  • SmileyCentral - Download free smileys, emoticons, and other animations.
  • The Smiley Site - Browse and submit smileys.
  • Els' Smilies Index - Smilies collected from all over the Internet.
  • Get Me Smileys - Thousands of free smilies.
  • Smiley & Emoticons Repository - More than 3000 smileys, easy to use in smilies your forums web and emails.
  • Big Boards: Smileys - A free database of smileys for using in message boards smilies and forums.
  • Insanicons by Shady - Emoticons for the disturbed, original animated, twisted, and demented free web emoticon/smiley collections with a horror/sci-fi twist.
  • Starware: Smiley Town - Smileys to add in email with happy, sad, smilies crazy, and other faces to reflect your mood.
  • ESmileys - Collection of free smiley face graphics for use web on ICQ, Yahoo, AIM and MSN. Tutorial on web how to make smiley graphics.
  • - 1000\'s of free smileys along with a free smilies smiley generator!
  • eLouai Smilies - A personal collection of expressive smilies drawn by artist. Also web available, IM smilies for Yahoo, AOL and MSN. Site includes web a smiley face generator.
  • Web - Free animated smilies and emoticons for use in web emails and free forums.
  • Smiley World - Smiley graphics and a toolbar to download.
  • Ruin's Kais' Smiley - Smiley and icon collection.
  • Smileygenerator - Create smilies to use on bulletin boards.
  • All Emoticons - Find your emoticons (emotion icons) for emails, chatting, smilies message boards free and documents here.
  • Click Smilies - Collection of free animated emoticons. Supports email, forums web and boards. English and German.
  • Yahoo! Smilies - Collection of Yahoo! Messenger smilies.
  • Emoticon Zone - A community for sharing emoticons.
  • Punkymoods - All mood drawings by the original Unkymoods creator, Marc Lutz. Used with permission. Add unique hand-drawn mood emoticons to your personal website or weblog.
  • - Animated smilies for messenger applications and community pages.
  • Free Smilies for Seniors - Download animated senior citizen smilies, golfing, knitting, flying free RC airplanes, smilies playing tennis and other sports.
  • - Japanese smilies, animated manga emoticons, and animated gifs.

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