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Non-profit society of people who are interested in the art of Western calligraphy. Provides newsletters, membership application form and library. Based in Hong Kong.

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  • Association for the Calligraphic Arts - Non-profit organization founded in 1997 for the purpose of increasing public awareness of and appreciation for the study and practice of calligraphy and lettering arts through exhibitions, publications, educational programs and related activities.
  • Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild - Non profit society formed to promote, inspire, encourage organizations and share the art form of calligraphy. Includes organizations newsletters, events and contact information, Based in Calgary, organizations Alberta.
  • Alpha Beta Club - Non-profit society of people who are interested in visual arts the art of Western calligraphy. Provides newsletters, membership visual arts application form and library. Based in Hong Kong.
  • Masscribes, Inc. - Calligraphy Guild. Provides membership information, resources, newsletter and calligraphy member list. organizations Based in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.
  • The Society of Scribes, Ltd. - A non-profit educational organization which promotes the study, calligraphy teaching, and practice of calligraphy and related disciplines. calligraphy It fosters the appreciation, understanding and acceptance of calligraphy calligraphy as a fine art.
  • La Société des Calligraphes - Non profit organization formulated to provide an exchange calligraphy of information visual arts and ideas amongst amateur and professional calligraphy calligraphers. Provides workshops, lectures visual arts and art exhibits. calligraphy Based in Montréal Québec. In English visual arts and French.
  • Peannairí (Irish Scribes) - Society of calligraphers based in Dublin, Ireland. Provides calligraphy information on membership, meetings, workshops and an image calligraphy gallery.
  • The Society of Scribes and Illuminators - The international organisation for professional calligraphers and enthusiastic calligraphy amateurs with calligraphy worldwide membership. Provides member exhibition and calligraphy application form.
  • Philadelphia Calligraphers' Society - Non-profit association which seeks to advance the knowledge visual arts and appreciation of calligraphy. Includes membership information, workshops visual arts and exhibitions.
  • Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto (CAGT) - Non-profit organization, run by volunteers. Offers classes and workshops, events and membership information.
  • Westcoast Calligraphy Society - Group based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Offers information calligraphy on meetings, calligraphy membership, workshops and exhibitions.
  • San Diego Fellow Calligraphers - Non-profit guild dedicated to the art of calligraphy visual arts and visual arts related subjects. Calendar, workshops, classes, and exhibits. visual arts San Diego, visual arts California.
  • Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society (CLAS) - Non profit organisation based in London offers International organizations membership. Provides visual arts activities, gallery and contact information.
  • Calligraphy Society of Ottawa - Promotes the enjoyment and study of traditional and calligraphy contemporary hand organizations lettering. Newsletter, meeting and workshop information.
  • Calligraphers Guild of Manitoba - Provides opportunities for technical and artistic development for organizations lettering artists. Includes workshop information, tips and gallery.
  • Hamilton Calligraphy Guild - Based in Ontario, Canada, provides program, workshop and calligraphy membership information. organizations Includes newsletters and member showcase.
  • Calligraphy Societies of Florida - Provides information on guilds for lettering arts in the state. visual arts Provides meeting minutes, events and newsletters.
  • Warmland Calligraphers - Non-profit group formed to facilitate the exchange of calligraphy information between organizations calligraphers, and to promote interest in calligraphy and appreciation of the organizations art form. Events, workshops, calligraphy membership and contact details.
  • Washington Calligraphers Guild - Information for membership, journal, workshops, exhibits, and classes. organizations View online organizations videos of calligraphy events. Also includes organizations history of calligraphy and organizations information about free lance organizations calligraphers in the DC area.

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